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Topic: Use the last word to start a new sentence - part 13
Riverspirit1111's photo
Wed 04/29/20 10:58 AM
Time at work today was a lot of fun.

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Wed 04/29/20 11:17 AM
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Fun thing list makeup is requiring quite a bit of thought now

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Wed 04/29/20 11:40 AM
Now I'm relaxing and enjoying the rest of my birthday with my mingle friends.

delightfulillusion's photo
Wed 04/29/20 11:43 AM
Friends are always around to help you celebrate flowerforyou

Riverspirit1111's photo
Wed 04/29/20 11:44 AM
Celebrate we will, all week long. laugh flowerforyou drinker

delightfulillusion's photo
Wed 04/29/20 11:45 AM
Long weekend coming up I believe drinker

Riverspirit1111's photo
Wed 04/29/20 11:49 AM
Believe it will be nice weather this weekend as well. drinker

🍫 KitKat 🍫's photo
Fri 05/01/20 10:53 PM
Well how is the birthday week going?

delightfulillusion's photo
Fri 05/01/20 11:41 PM
Going to help River celebrate :tada:

🍫 KitKat 🍫's photo
Sat 05/02/20 12:40 AM
Celebrate her birthday day all week longdrinks

Riverspirit1111's photo
Sat 05/02/20 01:07 AM
Long week of celebrating will be fun drinks

🍫 KitKat 🍫's photo
Sat 05/02/20 01:37 AM
Fun as a barrel of monkeys:monkey_face::monkey::monkey::monkey_face:

Riverspirit1111's photo
Sat 05/02/20 01:38 AM
Monkeys at the zoo are fun to watch

🍫 KitKat 🍫's photo
Sat 05/02/20 01:40 AM
Watch out there's generally a bad monkey in the bunchlaugh

Riverspirit1111's photo
Sat 05/02/20 05:41 AM
Bunch of really good looking guys on this dating site I'm checking out. love

Poetrywriter's photo
Sat 05/02/20 06:10 AM
Out and about is what I want to start doing again.

 ☮️ Coolchic Dee 💟's photo
Sat 05/02/20 07:02 AM
Again and again the days go by so fast.

🍫 KitKat 🍫's photo
Sat 05/02/20 10:40 AM
Fast forward river, pretty boys are fine to look at laugh but you need a man!

Riverspirit1111's photo
Sat 05/02/20 11:11 AM
Man, guys, they're all the same to me laugh

no photo
Sat 05/02/20 11:18 AM
me thinks they are interchangeable then, so just pick the 1st one to come alongtongue2

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