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Thu 01/19/23 07:48 PM
co-founder of the Byrds and Crosby, Still, Nash and Young

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Tue 01/17/23 08:10 AM

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Tue 01/17/23 08:09 AM
Another fine mess

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Tue 01/17/23 08:07 AM
Daily chores continue to defy my wishes for them to go away! laugh

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Sun 11/27/22 04:54 PM
if any of you remember the movie and song "Fame", and "Flashdance", Irene Cara should be familiar

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Mon 11/21/22 06:39 PM
Harr Varr Tee

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Sun 11/20/22 04:50 PM
Smow Good Darr

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Tue 11/15/22 12:35 AM
Bill A. Nuhaus

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Mon 11/14/22 07:59 PM

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Mon 11/14/22 07:58 AM
Edited by maybwecan on Mon 11/14/22 07:59 AM
Wright Disc Waye

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Sun 11/13/22 09:40 PM
Edited by maybwecan on Sun 11/13/22 09:42 PM
Too Noisy

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Sun 11/13/22 09:39 PM

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Sun 11/13/22 09:37 PM
Long Tunnel

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Sun 11/13/22 08:15 AM

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Sun 11/13/22 08:14 AM
Record Sales

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Sun 11/13/22 08:11 AM
Pet Gently

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Sun 11/13/22 08:08 AM
Groh N. Paynz

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Thu 10/20/22 11:43 AM

can somebody give me an honest opinion? πŸ₯²

beware of clicking on unknown links...could contain un-welcomed surprises to your computer or phone...

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Mon 10/17/22 08:35 AM

Seems everyone is many miles from here and in center of state, should be more available options since half the world's population is female and me as a man are dying daily.

Welcome to Mingle...

Not clear what you mean by "more available options"...the search engine has many options but the location of others is what it is...

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Thu 10/13/22 04:38 PM
I think I would get a migraine of epic proportions trying to decipher/comprehend/make-sense-of the inner workings of this Mingle site...And the wizard behind the curtain isn't talking...

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