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56 year old man from Indianapolis, Indiana      Looking for dating Last seen over a month ago
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The beard and moustache are new for 2013. I'm open to any social, sexual, or intimate relationship. Anything can develop, but I can't commit to someone I don't know. I play safe and expect you to do the same. I'm an honest, regular, mature man living in Indianapolis. I'm healthy and disease free and have been out of circulation for a while. I'm intelligent, opinionated, and know what I want. I'm not hairy except for my head; that means I have a full, thick head of hair. My hair is dark blond with a couple of gray hairs. I need to lose about 40 pounds, but I am not obese. I enjoy touching and , I save other things for a relationship, either way it's mostly vanilla. I find shaving , piercings only interesting to look at, tattoos can be a matter of taste, short hair is cute, and longer hair is okay. My ideal man would be between 5 and 6 feet in height. He would be smooth rather than hairy. He would have blond or red hair. He would be attractive and manly. He would be kind, honest, loving without smothering, complimentary not saccharin, stable not boring, and secure and confident not controlling. I don't like fat, bald, hairy men, but I have seen sexy, attractive, bald, hairy men. I don't expect you to be gorgeous, but don't send me a ten year old picture and show up and ready. If I met someone who looked like me, would I find him attractive? I don't know. Relationships start with attraction, all we can see on here is the physical that does not include nudity. I know men like to play or test out someone, but I don't pay, loan money, or provide anything for a favor no matter how young or attractive you are. Don't expect to just lay there no matter what you promise. I aim to please and have the equipment to do it. I give as well as I receive and have no complaints. Finally, the BS filter. I'm looking for a partner, not a daddy or boy toy. I'm not looking to help you get property, cash, or ets from oversees.
Profession: Community Service
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5' 8"
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White / Caucasian
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Never married
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