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x How do I change my Mingle2 Account’s Password?

  • Click Settings near the top-right corner. Then select Change Password
    (Or go to this link: https://mingle2.com/user/change_password)
  • Enter your current password in the top field and your new password in the next two fields.
  • Click Change Password to save it

x How do I change my Mingle2 Account’s Username?

  • If you’re using Desktop Web:
  • If you’re using Mobile Web:
    • Tap the ≡ symbol on the top-left corner, then select Full site
      (Or go to this link: https://m.mingle2.com/prefer_mainsite)
    • Under Your Account section, tap on Edit Profile
    • Select General
    • Under the About You section, you can edit your Display Name

Please note that you cannot use any address or phone number in your username. If you do, your account could be banned without warning.

x How do I upload a photo to my profile on Mingle2?

  • If you’re using Desktop Web:
  • If you’re using Mobile Web:
    • Tap the ≡ symbol on the top-left corner, select My Profile then tap the Add Photo button
      (Or go to this link: https://m.mingle2.com/users/edit_photos)
    • Tap the Upload Photo button, and start uploading your photos from there

Please note that:

  1. When it comes to uploading images to a Mingle2 account, the actual file size is almost unlimited. The number of pixels in the image however is limited to 10 million. In other words, the product of width x length must not exceed 10 million pixels.
  2. Pictures should be in .gif, .jpg, or .bmp format
  3. Mingle2 does not support Windows-based phones

x How do I edit my Profile on Mingle2?

  • If you’re using Desktop Web:
  • If you’re using Mobile Web:

x How do I delete my Mingle2 account?

To deactivate your profile, go to: https://mingle2.com/user/show_settings, then click “Deactivate Account - Remove Profile”.

Once you have deactivated your account, no one can see it or send you emails.

Please note that If you are a premium member, please be sure to cancel the paid subscription before closing down the Mingle2 account. Otherwise, you may be auto-charged on the auto-renewal date.

x How do I get my Verification Code from Mingle2?

Your verification code should be sent to the email that you used to sign up. Please also check your Spam folder if you can’t find it.

If you still haven’t received the code, please email our support team at m2.support@nextc.com with "Verification" as the subject.

To check the email you use to register your account, go to https://mingle2.com/inbox/mail_setting

x Why aren't my uploaded photos being shown up for other people on Mingle2?

If the photos aren't showing to other users, it means that it was rejected by our admin. Here are some reasons:

  • The face is not visible to set as a profile photo
  • Obscene photo
  • Photos are grabbed from the Internet

Especially the photo you want to set as a profile pic, please make sure that the face is clearly shown and it is the real photo of you.

x Why do my photos/ videos on Mingle2 get rejected?

To keep our community clean and safe, we have a community standard for user photos uploaded to the app, as follows:

  • For the primary media - the photos or video you set as an avatar:
    • Your face must be shown (do not use anyone else’s photo or video)
    • Photo of photo, Screenshots, fake photos are not allowed
  • General rules for any media that you upload
    • Types of media that are not allowed:
      • Your contact info, such as phone number, email, …
      • Crime, Violent behaviors
      • Children alone
      • Obscene, Immoral content

In case your media gets rejected but they are not in any of the cases we mentioned above. Please contact our Admin Team for further support at m2.support@nextc.com.

x How can I get my Mingle2 profile verified?

Please follow the instructions of the photo on the verification page. Our admin will check and if it’s correct, your profile will be verified immediately.

x Why is Mingle2 taking too long to verify my photo/ video?

With thousands of photos of users that are being monitored and filtered every day, sometimes, the verification of photos will take longer than it should be.

We apologize for the inconvenience and promise to do our best to lessen the waiting time for the verification of photos.

x How can I change my profile picture on Mingle2?