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x How do I report suspected scammers on Mingle2?

  • If you’re using Desktop Web:
    • Go to their profile, click Report This User
  • If you’re using Mobile Web:

You can also report them from any email you receive from them.

x Why did I see too many profiles that look fake or look like scammers on Mingle2?

Scammers often use the same photos or are identical to each other. Some users use photos that are not them or, mostly, celebrity photos.

If you suspect the profile is a scammer. Please click the "Report This User" so that an admin will review the profile immediately

x Is Mingle2 a scam?

Mingle2 is a Legitimate Dating Website that helps users connect to each other and find their significant other. We always do our best to monitor, detect and prevent scams

However, there are still many new scammers with new techniques who come to dating sites such as Mingle2 every day, which makes the fight more difficult.

We hope our users stay safe, be aware of potential scams on dating sites (not just Mingle2 but all dating services out there) and help us report the bad users to build a safer and cleaner community!

Please read these blogs for more information about romance scams on online dating and protect yourself: https://mingle2.com/blog/useful-tips-to-avoid-dating-scams/

x How to avoid being scammed by other users?

  1. Scammers often try to move you off the app quickly, to prevent the app from recognizing their fraudulent behaviors as well as the admin team. Therefore, keep the conversion in the app inbox until you know that person well enough, before moving to other chat apps.
  2. Never send money or gift cards or disclose your bank details to someone you’ve only met online.
  3. Take things slowly. Ask your potential partner questions and watch out for inconsistencies that might reveal an impostor.
  4. Avoid sending nude or sexual pictures of yourself to online strangers that could later be used for extortion.
  5. Keep your contact details secret until you fully trust your online dating partner.
  6. Be aware of these most common scammer types:
    1. Their profiles look like models
    2. Soldiers, in the army
    3. Scammers use fake deals (for example special services). After making the payments, they disappear.
  7. Always meet up first in public
  8. Avoid clicking on strange links or downloads in user bios or messages sent to you. it could lead to a malicious site and malware.
  9. Some women with a webcam exhibit for money, using either their own website or one of the aggregation platforms for cam-girls. They aim to move you to go directly to their own webcam, where you can be charged.
  10. Always Report Suspicious Accounts by using the “Report” function on the app, or contact the Support team via “Feedback”