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How to avoid scammers on dating app

According to a statistic of Dating Site Reviews, in the past there years, users in America and Canada lost $1 billion on scamming. Also, it is estimated that there were 25.000 scammers on dating apps at any time users were online.  Moreover, Dating Site Reviews stated that 1 out of 7 profiles is fraudulent. Because of that, more than one million users become the victim of romance scams in the USA.

However, do not consider scamming as a very big barrier which prevents you from finding your soulmate as well as the opportunity to love and feel loved.

Here are some tips for you:

I. How to recognize the scammer on a dating site

1. The profile photos

Do not just focus on hot, sexy, stunning photo profiles.

After having a survey with the customer service staff of Mingle2, we realized that most of the scammers used attractive, gorgeous photos for their avatar.

In a topic on Quora, Ashlie Crozier, a victim of scamming, wrote that her scammer sent her tons of photos of a model.

In addition, Chen Xiaoli of  Shanghai Daily stated that in Shenzhen, a 42-year-old woman used her makeup skills to look younger. Then, she defrauded her boyfriend of US $1 million.

From these two examples, we find that scammers usually use photoshop, makeup skill, and beauty filters to trick the victim. For users of online dating sites, especially Mingle2, remember to be watchful over the hot, sexy, stunning photo profiles.

2. Scammer’s stories

After a short conversation, the scammers will take action.

Account James Rosten shared on Quora: “Scammers use whatever supports their stories, and whatever is available to them” for their final purpose. James told that his friend was scammed by a man who pretended to be the United States Air Force General. That man said that he was in Afghanistan and claimed that his wife had died in a car accident along with his two daughters 15 years previous. Eventually, she sent him $1000.

Additionally, the support team of Mingle2 also give us some example of stories of scammers.  For instance, some of them ask the victims for money to have a sex chat with them and others want a plane ticket for a real-life date and so forth.

So, if someone directly or indirectly mention money, you should stop contacting them.

II. What should you do when you face scamming on dating sites?


When you think someone is a scammer or using a fake profile, besides stopping keeping in touch with them, you should report them and bring the matter to the support team’s attention.

The support team will highly appreciate you if you send them the information about the scammers. It can keep their community clean and safe for other users.

III. Tips for yourself to avoid fraud on dating site

1. Do not share your private information.

When you enter a dating site or a dating app, sharing the real information about your age, name, marriage status is very helpful because the app will choose the suitable matches to show you. Then, you can find your soulmate easier.

However, for the confidential information such as phone number, ID, please do not mention them on your profile.  According to Laura Shin – a Forbes staff,  if you use a cell phone and you register a social network, the bank website, and other web services, the hacker can steal your money, get your sensitive information and blackmail you. That is the reason why we highly recommend you should not move to another site so early.

2. Do not move to other chat sites so early

Most of the scamming cases take place on another site, not the original dating site. A customer service staff declared that most of the users reported that they were scammed on other sites such as Whatsapp, Hangouts…

For him, users on dating app should take time to know more about their match first. Then, both can move to another site when they are closers. Because some sites ask for the phone number, this will reveal private information and is a bit dangerous.

3. Take full advantage of the advanced features.

In fact, not many scammers will spend money on paying for advanced features on dating app, so if you are upgrading your account, you reduce your risk of being scammed. For example, some apps like  Date in Asia, they offer the Premium Lounge for the Power Account users. With this room, the user can chat, connect and match with 100% real users who have the hunger for finding a serious relationship.

In short, it is not easy to find someone who truly understands you, so just be patient. There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. With these tips, Mingle2 hope that you will have more useful information to find your true love.


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