Illustration showing a shadowy figure behind a computer screen filled with fake dating profiles, symbolizing the deceptive tactics of online dating scammers.
Beware the unseen: Unmasking the deception in online dating scams

The Shocking Reality of Online Dating Scams

Startling Figures: Recent insights from Dating Site Reviews have highlighted a concerning trend in online dating scams. In North America alone, users of dating apps have lost an astonishing $1 billion to these scams over the last three years. The issue is widespread, with approximately one in seven profiles being fraudulent. This epidemic of online dating scams has tragically affected over a million people in the USA.

How to Spot a Scammer

Profile Pictures That Deceive: Don’t be fooled by good looks. Many scammers use attractive photos to lure in victims. This was confirmed by a Mingle2 survey. Additionally, stories on Quora and Shanghai Daily show how scammers use visual tricks to deceive. So, always look deeper than the photo.

Stories That Don’t Add Up: Next, be wary of sob stories. As per James Rosten on Quora, scammers often invent tragic backstories. Mingle2’s support team echoes this, noting that scammers frequently ask for money. Therefore, if a story leads to a financial request, it’s a red flag.

Taking Action Against Scammers

Act Quickly: If you suspect a profile on is fake, it’s important to respond immediately. Stop your interaction and report the profile. This quick response is vital in maintaining the safety and integrity of the dating community.

How to Report: Reporting a suspicious profile on is straightforward. Look for a reporting feature directly on the user’s profile or within the chat interface. Even if you’re not completely certain, it’s better to report any suspicious activity. The Mingle2 support team, reachable at, is always there to assist with your concerns and queries.

Stay Informed: Being aware of common scamming tactics is crucial in protecting yourself. While Mingle2 strives to provide a safe dating environment, it’s beneficial for users to stay informed about general online safety practices. Regularly reading articles, blogs, and trusted online resources can help you stay one step ahead of scammers.

Share Knowledge: If you have experiences or knowledge about scamming tactics, sharing this with your friends or through online forums can help create a more informed community. An aware community is a safer community.

Remember, your proactive steps play a crucial role in safeguarding your online dating experience. By being vigilant, knowing how to report suspicious activities, staying informed, and sharing knowledge, you contribute to a safer environment on And if you ever need assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at

Tips for Safe Online Dating

Guard Your Personal Info: First and foremost, protect your privacy. Share just enough, but keep sensitive data like your phone number and ID to yourself. Laura Shin from Forbes highlights the danger of oversharing.

Stay on the Safe Side: Moreover, avoid moving to other chat platforms too soon. Scammers often try to take conversations off the dating site. So, get to know your match on the app first.

Use Paid Features Wisely: Finally, consider using paid features on dating apps. Scammers are less likely to pay for these services. This means you’re more likely to meet genuine people on these platforms.


In summary, navigating the world of online dating requires vigilance and a proactive approach to stay safe. By being aware of scammers and following these simple yet effective strategies, you can protect yourself from fraud. Remember, true love is worth the wait and the caution.

As you continue your journey in search of meaningful connections, we invite you to explore Our platform is dedicated to providing a secure and engaging environment for singles looking to find genuine relationships. With our user-friendly interface and commitment to safety, is here to support you in finding that special someone in a safer online dating landscape. Join us today and take a step closer to finding your true love!

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  • I singed up on this site eve since I have been told my photo is regeted ,is my photo am not a robot .
    I just begin to feel the site is a scam

  • Someone has created fake account by using my number.. can u guys please delete that account . User id is anu076535

  • There are so much internet scammers especially on dating sites. I was scammed on a dating site last year, couldn’t let it go because I borrowed the money and it was a huge amount of money. Contacted all I was asked to and still couldn’t get the scammer. Had no choice than to hire an international recovery company *Rex Wealth Recovery * [1] who saved me from debts. Learnt my lesson never to give out money to anyone on dating sites after all I went through..I recommend them if you are having the same issue, Info @ rexwealthrecovery . com

  • romance scam is real! fortunately we all see the signs but most times choose to ignore them, i was fleeced by an African scammer, it was a chunk of my retirement benefits, i was lucky to get a significant sum back with the aid of help from

  • It is a wonderful article stating about useful tips to avoid dating scams. It is one of the best options to read from here in detail. I would go for this site even in future when needed. Great blog indeed, will visit again future to read more!!

  • Oh really? It’s not just me must be a lot of individual who seek for your quick action for the scammers and fake accounts, then you told me that you are not responsible for any problems that we got in your site. You’re team were not welcoming in terms of handling this case. A lot of members are harassed, scammed, traumatized and yet you did nothing and tolerated these numerous posers.

  • Two asian women one in HK and a business woman, and another in SG as an accountant. Both I thought were in either the UK or New Zealand as I was looking for a travel buddy. Both said they had been to the UK /NZ for business. The first came allegedly to the UK for business but had to return to HK due to covid . Yeah right !!

    Next up they wanted my WhatsApp. So we chatted. They seemed nice people, until the first, in HK, wanted me to invest with her Bitcoin investment. Saying crap like we can make money together and then love and be together. I did see her photos and a short video, but of course this could have been anyone. Her HK phone number was ok, but her reluctance to be live on video is always suspicious.

    The second, from Singapore, was apparently in NZ for business (thats where I found her posting), but back in SG. No mention for a week about bitcoins then suddenly this morning up it came in conversation. It was a quick bye and block. She did go on video chat for 30 seconds last night but had a cleansing face mask on and could not speak. No girl would want to be seen in a mask but this gave an excuse not to speak .

    Finally, I checked girl 2 out and her phone number was located in NORTH KOREA !!! When I asked her about this, she said it was a company phone. What !! Accountants buying 2nd hand phones from NK ??? I was not born yesterday !!

  • hey mingle!
    why did you ban my account?
    what it is the reson?
    is it any chance of remove ban from my account.?

  • I read in the post that 1 out of 7 are scams. I helped shut 9 dating sites this year. My count 75% scams. Some of the site even the owners and managers of the sites were using info from messages to scam. it takes mere minutes to do a google picture search. when You do once, it gets easier and easier and before You know it, a scam can’t touch You! Do the search before You chat with them, but remember, google is not perfect take care of what You say and how You say it! You can hurt someone badly with wrong info. Some sites protect the privacy of profile pictures very strongly, Just use Your ingenuity.
    A scammer will take the food out of the mouth of a Baby. If someone is truly interested in You they will not ask You to break the golden Rules or get mad at You for wanting proof of life. Been There, Done that and I learned.

  • My whole time on Mingle 2 I was approached several times asking for money. One was a Wills Scott and another was Alexander Smith. I have pictures of them both. Closed my account because of it.

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