Do This And He Will Never Cheat On You

Well, if you do as I say, your partner will never cheat on you for any reason whatsoever.

Dating is beautiful, till the man starts talking to Matilda, Ann, Tiffany and the girl he met online and doesn’t even know her real name. It is then that dating turns sour; especially for the woman who is cheated on. She had begun the relationship with butterflies in her stomach and high hopes that it is going to be better than the last.

There was the thrill of discovering the man she just started dating and letting him into her life, one step at a time. At this point, it is all so exciting.

Just when she had begun to get comfortable and conclude she had finally met the one for her, she discovers he is the one for other girls too. He is either dating someone else too or having casual hook-ups for sex. It could also be because the chase and thrill of a new relationship are over, so it is time to move on to his next conquest.

The girl uses dating tips so that he will never cheat 

1. Let them know you have a life beyond the relationship

While dating, have something going for you and make it clear to your partner. Men find it incredibly sexy when the woman they are dating doesn’t make the relationship the only thing their life is about. In this case, the woman has something to focus on, not him alone. 

It feels choking for the man when the woman is clingy, so they feel the need to escape to another woman.

Have something going for you; school, career business, whatever! This guarantees that you are not always available, and they have the chance to miss you. Also, because you are not always available, they do not get enough of you and keep wanting more.

2. Let him know cheating is the deal-breaker is for you

It is important to let the man you are dating know that cheating is a deal-breaker. Make it clear without mincing words that if they ever cheat on you, you will leave them without looking back. 

A lot of men cheat because they know the woman they are dating will forgive them after they beg and put up a show. So, they risk it because they have nothing at all to lose. 

Let him know from the go that no matter how much you love him and how far you both have come, you will leave him the moment he cheats on you. If he values and cherishes you and what you both have, he will not cheat on you because he will be afraid to lose you.

3. Provide value to the relationship

Always provide value. This is a life rule also applies to relationships. Nobody rejects value.

While dating, a lot of women receive but do not give. To them, sex is the most they can offer. Providing value in a relationship should be bigger than sex. Know your man and what he considers valuable. Is it advice? Support? Care? Whatever it is, provide it to the relationship.

When you provide value to him, he will value you and be afraid to cheat on you, so you don’t stop dating him.

4. Keep him interested

Don’t stop doing the things you were doing that attracted you to him. When you have been dating for a while, it is easy to become laid back and make less effort. For some men, this is the time for them to see other women.  

The man you are dating wants you to make an effort to look and smell good. He wants to do fun things with you. He wants you to keep him interested by still doing everything you were when you just got dating. If not, this can turn him off and send him looking for these things in other women.

5. Give him peace

It’s in a woman’s nature to be curious. You want to know what the person you are dating is up to. You want to know who he has been talking to and what he has been saying to them. You want to make sure that he has been doing everything right.

Remember that he is an adult man. Do not try to mummy him and tell him what to do. Do not nag. Even if you see it as helping him, that is not the same way he sees it. Allow him to do what he wants to do without making him seem like a bad boy.

If there is anything at all you do not like, instead of nagging, talk to him lovingly. 

6. Don’t be boring

Nobody likes boring people, especially not the man you are dating.

Spice things up in the bedroom and other aspects of the relationship. Do not be predictable. Infuse new things. Act young and fluid. Do not make him feel like he is dating his grandma.

7. Connect with him

Know your man. If you are not connected with him, you won’t know how best to love him. Because something worked for the last person you were dating doesn’t mean it will work for him. Be sensitive. Read him. And when you are unsure, ask him. Love him right, and he won’t have a reason to look for someone else who will.

8. Bring romance and passion

Romance does not end in the bedroom. Infuse romance and passion in your relationship. Send him sexy texts randomly. Make more body and eye contact. Have deep conversations. Spend time alone. Be passionate and romantic. Be everything at once. 

9. Communicate 

This is the biggest thing on the list. Communication is key. Build communication culture with the man you are dating and be open enough to express your feelings at every time. This will create room for him to tell you when you are doing anything wrong and how they want you to love him better.

10. Be on the same page

It is important that you try to keep someone who wants to be kept. It will be a waste of time if you do all these while the person you are dating is not invested in the relationship. Before you try to stop your man from cheating, make sure they are on the same page with you and will do the same thing to keep you from cheating.

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