How Not To Be A Jealous Partner In A Long Distance Relationship

Jealousy is as common in a love affair as salt in seawater. Every once in a while, you might feel a little jealous of your significant other and might even lash out at times. And most often, this is all okay. It’s natural, it’s normal, and it’s unavoidable. In fact, this behavior can be seen in online dating relationships as well.

I guarantee you that there is no perfect relationship in the world without pain. In fact, most couples undergo the brunt of the green-eyed monster at some time or the other. But when it comes to online dating and long-distance relationships, we typically see this evil monster rearing its head up and causing trouble in paradise.

 Though feeling a little jealous of your partner now and then is entirely natural. And, according to some relationship experts, even healthy – just a bit too much can lead to heartbreak. Jealousy can take you from being this picture-perfect couple everyone loves to invite to their parties, to being two distant people who despise each other and want to break up.

And for this reason, it is necessary to keep yourself in check. Especially, whenever you feel the first stirrings of jealousy in your gut.

How Not To Be A Jealous Partner In A Long Distance Relationship

How Can You Stop Being Jealous When There Is No Cause For It?

But we just discussed how jealousy is oh-so-natural and normal. If it is that instinctual and involuntary, how can you ever stop yourself from being jealous?

Well, when you know your jealousy is very likely unwarranted, there are ways to talk yourself into seeing the reality. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the strategies. You can apply these strategies to ensure that you do not lead your perfect long-distance relationship to a silent grave because of undue and unjustified jealousy.

Learn to trust your partner

Whether you prefer online dating or dating in person; there is one thing that you should be very clear about before you put yourself out there. Trust is the basis of all relationships. Without this one factor, you can never expect your romance to last very long. And if you feel that you cannot trust the person you are with; then there is no point in pursuing a relationship with them. 

If you are somebody who likes to snoop around and check their partner’s emails, social media accounts, and private messages, stop at once! This behavior will only drive a wedge between the two of you. Though it may start slow, it can soon turn into an obsession. And trust me, that is not a place either one of you wants to be!

Banish your personal insecurities and fears

Another essential thing to tell yourself – and especially so if you are an LDR couple – is that your significant other is with you for a reason. You are a marvelously, unique, and wonderfully special person. Anyone who gets to date you would be lucky. There is no reason why your partner would want to cheat on you or leave you.

Our personal insecurities can often lead us to imagine that we are less than our partners. If these persist, we can start believing that our significant other is doing us a favor by being with us.

And, take off the first chance that they can get. Undermining yourself as an individual is not only detrimental to your relationship, but it also brings your self-confidence down in every other thing. No matter if it’s an online dating relationship or something else.

Do not compare your relationship with those of others

A very critical rule of a relationship is to never compare your own with anybody else’s. This is dangerous because each relationship is extremely unique, and can never be likened to another. 

If your friend’s boyfriend surprised her with flowers on a Saturday, that should not mean that yours must do the same. This could cause your relationship to fall apart. Everybody likes to show their love in their own way, and this is what makes these gestures special.

Remember to give your partner the space that they need

Now, let’s discuss something that many of us lose sight of when in a relationship. The importance of having one’s own space. Long-distance relationships are challenging because you can not always go on physical dates together. However, if you try to compensate for that by calling them every hour; you will only be making it more difficult.

In online dating and long-distance relationships, it is vital to make sure that you are not becoming too overbearing. Your significant other does not need to tell you what they ate for lunch, etc. And if they fail to pick up the call that one time; it does not mean you have to be jealous.

Let the past be in the past

Some of us are stung by our past romantic relationships, which can take a while to get over. However, be sure that you only get into a new serious relationship once you are past any trauma that you suffered in the last one.

Just because the last person you dated was a jerk and ended up cheating on you; it doesn’t mean that your current partner will do the same. Never bring the insecurities and fears from your past relationship to your current bliss.

Reign in your imagination

If you want to give your relationship a fighting chance, remember not to let your imagination run wild. A lot of times, we only become jealous in a relationship because WE THINK that our partner did or said something. When, in reality, they are completely head over heels in love with us! How dumb would it be to break up on account of something that did not even happen in the first place?! 

For this reason, never let yourself overthink a minor situation and exaggerate it into a major one. When arguing, keep yourself grounded by facts, and never assume something happened when you are not sure it did.

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