What Does Your Partner Want from a Kiss?

Did you know that how you and your partner kiss can give a clue about what your date wants in a relationship? Yes, you can! Either meeting someone on dating sites or on a first physical date, one of the topics that partners love to discuss is ‘kiss’. From a kiss, the imagination of romanticism and sexuality of an individual can be determined by their mate. Funnily, some people do not bother to ask with words; they probe their mate’s sexuality and how romantic they are by pushing a kiss to them. Basically, people kiss for different reasons, but what does your partner want from a kiss?

Here is what you should know. Whether you meet your partner on one of the numerous free dating sites or on paid/premium dating sites, you should know your partner and their kissing pattern, either wet or dry.

A couple is kissing after online dating

The Psychology of Kissing

A kiss is not just a kiss, according to a study in Evolution Psychology. People have different preferences for kissing techniques. The technique of a kiss offered by an individual can tell what they want from a kiss. However, ideally, a kiss is expected to express the sexuality of an individual. The evolution of individuals with time and history has been a major contributing factor to why people expect/express different things via kissing.

What research showed

Studying about 1041 college students, Susan Hughes asked different people what they think about kissing and how each person prefers it. From the study, it was evident that:

  • About 50 percent of men are quick to jump into the action of sex without kissing, not minding if they met the partner via an online dating site or not.
  • Kissing is highly preferred before sex more than after, among both genders.
  • Kissing helps women to satisfy their sexual pleasure more than men.
  • Men prefer to kiss wetter and involve more tongues than women would want to. However, both genders prefer tongue involvement in kisses when with long term partners.
  • Women care about the teeth of a guy before deciding if he is worth kissing.

What can be gleaned from the above facts is that for women, they are more concerned about having a romantic experience, which is a kiss. Having lips touched, for women, before sex is an indication that women want intimacy and physical connection to the one they are dating. For men, kisses are a way of showing their ego and passion that needs to be attended to, especially when their tongue is doing the work.

What Women Feel about Kisses

How a woman reacts to sensitive touches and strokes shows how ready she is to move forward. When a woman kisses, more so, slowly and passionately, she needs you to be close. Hence, she may sustain the kiss for a while if you don’t lead the prompting. However, to know if she enjoys it and would like to proceed, then you can rub her shoulders gently and try to help her with the outermost piece of clothing. When she gently lets you proceed, then intimacy is what she looks forward to having, particularly the experience.

As a guy, when a woman leans into you during a kiss, then the act shows that she craves intimacy with you, as her partner. Furthermore, when you hug a lady who you met on a dating site, and then she lingers, presses into you, and leads you on a kiss, then it shows she is so into you even before you meet physically. However, if a hug comes off as being rigid, with a forced smile, and a casual pat on the back, then it means, the lady is not yet into you; you either have more work to do get her to like you, or she just wants a quickie and be off. If you are looking forward to a serious relationship, then the former is what to do. For flings though, maybe you should just get right into the act.

What Guys Feel about Kisses

Men usually prefer to use their tongue during kisses, more than their female lovers. The implication of this is that they are very erotic and try to express their sexuality. This, usually, can be a show of dominance/ego; that is, to want to guide the flow of how the intercourse should go.

Your lover-boy could belong to the smaller group of passionate kissers who love to take their time to give a kiss. When your guy lingers on your lips to savor the sweetness, (he could also close his eyes), then it means he is into you, wants a romantic experience with you. Quietly and passively, through kisses, guys like this try to show that they care so much about you. A gentle, lingering kiss, with arms that softly caress the body shows that your guy seeks solitude in the relationship.

What not to do

Every individual has something they want from a kiss; to go about kissing the bad way is to lose your partner, easily. While you are interested in learning the chemistry behind your partner’s kiss, never force yourself on them. One of the greatest mistakes you could make when you physically meet your partner, whom you met on a dating site is to launch a kiss on your first date. You should let things grow naturally.

Never engage in lips locking in a way that seems you want to bite off your partner’s tongue. It is supposed to be a kiss, not a wire twist! You should also control your tongue skillfully when you kiss; no one appreciates being drooled in saliva for what is supposed to be an affectionate intimacy. Don’t be aggressive with your kiss, not unless you both like some BDSM game.

Notwithstanding, if you got to meet them on dating sites, either a free dating site or one with premium access, it is extremely helpful to find out from your partner, what they really want from a kiss. Knowing this will help you to up your kissing game.

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