Things You Can Do To Make Your Relationships Last

Being with someone is, fundamentally, a choice. You wake up every morning and choose to continue to be with them. Most of us go through a time in life when making this decision feels a lot harder than it used to before. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Now, this is where today’s post comes in – with thoughts of all of you wonderful couples and LDS Singles in mind, today we bring to you numerous different ways which can help brighten your relationships and make them last. 

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  • All you LDS Singles out there – Learn to Listen

This habit earns the top spot on our list due to one simple reason: It is the most powerful method. Learning to listen, really listen, to your partner’s thoughts and words will make sure your relationship never ends. Even if you’re simply chatting through LDS Dating Sites, the same rule applies. During an argument, instead of replying with blame or insults, acknowledge the words of your partner with a simple “I hear you”. Before you go on to propose a solution, make sure that your partner understands the amount of value you have given to their opinion. 

  • Stop Blaming Your Significant Other For Everything Going Wrong

Most LDS Singles now may have already played the blame game before. When you feel stressed and worried about your relationship, blaming the other person is what many of us choose to do. Because let’s face it, telling someone else to change is the easy way out. In the long run, this doesn’t help the relationship to last beyond LDS Dating Sites and ends up creating even more problems than you began with. Instead of blaming, try showing your partner that you have worked on your flaws and are trying to be your best self – this is what will motivate them to change too.

  •  Focus on yourself first

Many LDS singles think that the key to a thriving relationship is essentially making the other person happy. And, really it is. However, if you’re completely miserable for e.g. by sacrificing your own happiness for theirs, this will very soon backfire. Because, how can women seeking men make someone else happy if they aren’t even remotely happy themselves? Take some time to think about the things which make you happy in life. Working on yourself will help you become the person your loved one deserves.

  • Women Seeking Men – Be romantic!

Now you’re probably thinking “I know that!” Well yes, at the beginning of the relationship during the LDS Dating Sites phase almost everyone does. But, when two people start to get comfortable with each other, their hobbies and their routines they begin to forget the significance of small romantic gestures.

Pick a random work night to stay home and surprise her with a romantic dinner for two. Gather a bunch of her favorite flowers and watch as she squeals in delight. There are countless different things for you to choose from, so pick the one which will mean most to your significant other. Remember: it’s the small things that count. 

  • Respect their friends

Your partner’s friend circle will undoubtedly have a big influence on who they are as a person. Consequently, these are the people who will mean a whole lot to them besides you (of course) and their own family. If you find that you don’t like your significant others LDS Singles friends, the very least you can do is properly respect them. Reverse the scenario the other way around and imagine how you would feel if your partner actively expressed his dislike for your friends – these are conflicts best left avoided. 

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  • Say No to Grudges

Keeping grudges is probably the biggest reason why most relationships begin to show cracks in their later years. Grudges are toxic – they keep spreading their poison and stealing the warmth from a relationship for months and years on end. When you and your partner encounter a problem, you need to work on it in a way that doesn’t leave any residual negative feelings behind. Bringing up an event that occurred ten years ago when you were still using LDS dating sites, in a conflict you’re having ten years later will ultimately lead to bigger, more complicated problems. 

  • Forgive

Leading on from our previous point, we bring all you LDS Singles out there the element that has managed to make generations of relationships last: forgiveness. People make mistakes; honestly, they make them all the time. It is normal to make mistakes within your relationship, assuming that you learn from them and they help your relation to grow. Learn to forgive your partner for the small errors they do. You will soon see the bond between you grow stronger. 

  •  Encourage

Your partner should never, ever become the reason behind you not achieving your goals. This will eventually foster resentment in their hearts for you. When we love a person (this is especially for women seeking men), it’s natural for us to try to do everything that makes them happy – this includes holding ourselves back. For instance, if your partner has just received news that they’ve been selected for their dream job in another state, then they shouldn’t stay back just for you. Encourage them to pursue their dreams and have faith that when it’s time, they will come back to you. 

  • Find the Comfort Zone

Did all you LDS Singles know that relaxing can foster long-lasting relationships too? Getting out of the always-best-dressed and LDS Dating Sites stage to the t-shirt and slacks stage means that both you and your partner have finally become truly comfortable with each other. Simply be with them and slowly you will get to know who they are as a person. Learn their little habits and you will both reach the much-loved comfort zone.

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