How to know signs a guy likes you

You are in love with a guy but you do not know if that person is like? Or are you curious as to whether he is looking at you or the girl standing nearby? Whatever the reason, the following ways will help know signs a guy likes you… 

He smiles a lot when you talk to him

If he smiles more than others when you talk to him, there’s a strong possibility that he likes you. You can simply make him happy and he feels it. You may wonder why the guy won’t tell you he likes you. Probably due to fear that you don’t like him. That’s why he hesitated.

signs a guy likes you

Small but pretty obvious signs that help girls identify and “light” a guy who likes you but doesn’t dare to speak out!

He gives you compliments

Praise is sometimes a sign a guy likes you. If a guy spends a lot of time complimenting your bag, hair or skirt, unless he’s a stylist, he’s not really into you, just too shy to say it.

signs a guy likes you pic 2

Did you just have a new hairstyle or suddenly have a different style of makeup and he noticed that – A good sign that he likes you.

He keeps paying bills for you

The fact that a guy is willing to spend his money to pay your bill is enough to show he cares for you. Although some guys are quite generous, a guy paying your bills for you constantly is a clear sign that he has a crush on you.

He is always ready to listen when you talk about your problems

In any case, guys don’t like to hear your friends talk about problems with friendships, family relationships…But a guy who likes you will “swallow” your every word, maybe even give a few feedback. It takes a certain amount of patience to get that done for a girl, and maybe he just does it for the person he really likes.

Men can be complicated. Sometimes they like the girl, but are too afraid to show it. Maybe because they feel insecure, they wonder if the girl likes them or not, or they’re not ready to take the next step. But for girls, trying to read a man’s feelings is sometimes like trying to solve a mystery.

signs a guy likes you pic 3
If he has feelings of love for you, he will always be nervous and look forward to seeing you.

While this can make you feel uncomfortable, learning the signs a guy likes you is part of the dating. But even if he doesn’t show all or most of these signs, he may still like you, just too timid. After all, there are still some guys who are so wary of their emotions that they don’t allow themselves to make any mistakes that show those feelings.

The best way to know signs a guy likes you or not, simply ask him. But if you’re not the type to ask straightforwardly, you can rely on these signs to see if he cares about you.

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