How do you know when you’re “in love” with someone?

How do you know when you’re “in love”? with someone or not, see the signs below.

Love is always a confusing moment, sometimes even insiders do not know for sure that they have truly loved someone yet. Some of the following “indicative” markers will help you identify this.

You are stressed out

If you are in love with someone, you are more stressed out when there is anything about that person. According to experts, it’s because when a person is in love, the brain often releases a stress hormone called cortisol.

You take the time to decide

When you take the time to decide if you love someone or not, this can be a good sign. Because, according to experts, before accepting your love, you’ll think twice because you want to accept everything slowly and understand the person better.

You become a giver, not a seeker

According to experts, when you love someone, you care more about that person than you. If you’re cooking something you’ll choose the ingredients he likes. If you choose a dress for yourself, you can imagine how the person will react when see you wearing it. 

how do you know when your in love
Basically, when you are in love with someone, you become a giver rather than a seeker.

You dream about the future with that person

If you dream of having your partner with you in the future, going on vacation and getting married, this is a sign that you are in love with that person.

You are ready to accept responsibility

Great power comes with great responsibility. There is nothing greater than the power of love and this makes you willing to bear any kind of responsibility. So if you feel that you are ready for some new roles and tasks involving someone, chances are you’re really in love.

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It is true that when you are in love with someone, you will want to do anything to impress that person, that person is neither perfect nor important, you want to be with that person or simply think about who That makes you smile especially. That is love!

Right now, you are thinking about that person 

Always thinking about love and remembering the emotions you have experienced, that person enters your mind, that is unintentional and you cannot resist. 

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When you think of love, that person comes to mind, even before you realize it.

Want to know so much about him/her

A good sign of love is that besides the person’s good points, you always want to know how bad they are. You go over their documents or visit his/her Facebook page to search for anything related to the other person. You become like a “detective”.

Want yourself to be more beautiful in the eyes of that person 

You always want to be more beautiful in the eyes of your lover. Especially with women, every time you’re going to meet him/her, you look very carefully in the mirror, choose clothes for a long time just because you want to be number 1 in his/her eyes.

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