How many dates before relationship. Here’s what you need to know

You go out on a date with a new friend, you’re in the excitement phase of the first few sessions. And you ask yourself if you’ve found the right person.. So to love a person:How many dates before relationship? 

In these days, it’s easy to find people to date, you can even hand this over to pairing software. But it’s still not easy to know what the two really mean to each other.

When this question appears in your mind, there are three signs to know how many dates before relationship

Chemical reaction

The chemical reactions that occur in the body cause your emotions. If you experience the strong effects of chemistry, you will immediately recognize it. Most chemical reactions happen instantly, which is something you can’t deny.

But the problem with the chemical reaction is that it is not entirely true. There are still times when even if a chemical reaction occurs, you still find the wrong person and get a broken heart. Chemical reaction for feeling of love but not necessarily love. To verify, you need some more information.

how many dates before relationship

In general, each relationship is an opportunity for both of you to share the wonderful things with each other completely voluntarily, without coercion. It is a healthy and beneficial relationship for both. We don’t mention about who is the winner, who is the loser?


Compatibility is a measure of harmony in the lives of two people. Do you want to live in the same place? Do you have the same goals in your relationships? For example, do you both want marriage and children?

The reason why compatibility is so important in emotional evaluation is: Love is an emotion, but living in love is a decision. And to make this decision, compatibility always beats chemical reactions. If you happen to have a chemical reaction with someone living in Peru, unless you are intending to move to Peru, the emotion caused by that chemical reaction will go nowhere because there is no compatibility…

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The first important thing in any relationship is about value. Each person will give away great values ​​to create a relationship together.

Communicate with each other

Living in love will make you believe that even the most difficult things can be said. In fact, if the chemical reactions are strong enough, you don’t even need to say anything.

When in love, we have a need to be understood. And this requires communication. Communication means being able to ask what you want and say no to what you don’t want. People who know how to love will know how to communicate. They do not always insist on their own, they are always willing to negotiate, compromise.

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Communication is extremely important for the relationship between both.

So how many dates before relationship? A fact of love is: Love takes time. It takes time to build trust, and normally we need 1 year to understand each other. But believe that this journey is completely worth it.

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