5 easy steps to know what to talk about on a first date

The first days of dating are always stressful and the awkward conversations will make things worse. So what to talk about on a first date? Please refer to the following article.

Let’s discuss travel instead of movies

A study by Professor Richard Wiseman showed that the chances of getting a second appointment would be less than 9% if discussing the subject of movies, while choosing travel topics gives 18% the chance he wants to make an appointment to see you. Wiseman explains why this is because men and women often have very different movie tastes.

Give him or her a chance to talk about himself to herself

Just talking about yourself during the appointment is not a good idea. But that doesn’t mean that girls should keep quiet. When he asks you a question, answer and at the same time take the opportunity to redirect the conversation to him/her. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to enable him/her to share more about himself/herself. This will create the basis for a more natural conversation between you!

what to talk about on a first date

Even in the beginning of the date, you should keep yourself confident, not embarrassed.  In order to maintain a confident appearance, body language plays an important role.

Share secrets

Psychologist Arthur Aron, New York said that couples will know each other better if they share the secrets on the first date. For example, girlfriends can tell him memories of childhood or cute nicknames when sitting on the school chair. Then you should suggest to let him/her tell you his/her little secrets.

Willing to argue

Don’t worry that arguing with him/her will ruin the mood of the date. Instead of thinking about what the first date should say, behavioral researcher Dan Ariely said that choosing to go into a topic and be willing to argue with him/her about it was a way for him/her “reveal”  own personality.

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On the first date, everyone wants to hear funny things and want to see their subjects happy and optimistic, rather than mentioning boring things. Therefore, it is best to prepare fun, positive stories to make your stories witty.

Ask him or her about the family

The way he/she talks about family members will help you understand something about the environment in which he/she lives. A mature man who always talks about his parents with a loving attitude, he must respect family values ​​and is looking for a long-term relationship.

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What the first date should say is always a permanent question for those who are preparing for their first date.

The first date should not take too long even if you find it interesting to talk to the other person. You should end the meeting a little earlier to create a sense of anticipation for the next meeting.

Remember, the first date is very meaningful and if you want to go further in that relationship, you should spend a lot of time thinking so that the first date becomes interesting and impressive.

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