Dating tips: How to tell a girl you like her

Is the image of a girl constantly appearing in your mind? Come on, it’s time to recharge your heart and start your dating life! Do you know how to tell a girl you like her? Let the girl know your feelings by consulting the following helpful tips!

Focuse entirely on her

One of the first steps to letting her know that you have been attracted to her is to show a sincere interest in everything she says or she does. Whether you are hanging out together or being part of an activity group, you have the perfect opportunity to prove to her that you like her.

If you have the opportunity to meet her in person, try to ask questions that can help you better understand her. Avoid asking her in a rush like you are doing an interview. It is best to impress her with special questions, not direct questions such as: “Tell me about yourself”

how to tell a girl you like her

 And of course focus on simple and near topics such as asking about work, music, favorite food, …

Cleverly arrange to be able to meet her by chance 

If you’ve ever had a serious conversation with her and asked matching questions, you should know a little about her hobbies to discover where she’s likely to go.

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Make friends with her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter to know her social schedule. Attend a few events that you think are within your power to avoid being out of place.

Make friends with her friends to find out what they usually do when gathered in a group. For example, when you find out what their plans are for an evening, suggest to them that you and a few close friends want to join in. This way, everything will become natural, not as clear as if you’re deliberately taking the time to meet the girl you secretly love.

During the conversation, maintain each other’s gaze

Looking at someone’s eyes for long periods of time is the fastest way to form a bond between two people. However, the important thing here is that you must have the confidence to look at someone for a long time, not just for a few seconds. So it’s a lot easier if you look into someone’s eyes while chatting. 

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Make eye contact with her for at least 7 seconds when you are talking to each other.

Flirt with her via text

Send her messages so she can know what you’re thinking about her. Depending on how well you understand each other and what kind of person she is, you shouldn’t bother her by sending her many messages throughout the day.

Or simply by texting her good morning and telling her that you hope she will have a great day. Of course, you can send her some funny news or other interesting things that you hear about her interest. Do not forget to praise her. If you just met the night before, you can text her and tell her, “I had a wonderful night yesterday” or “You looked beautiful in your dress last night.”

Ask her to date you. You should plan to go out in the evening because you will have plenty of time to connect and talk to each other, such as having dinner or attending an event together …

Hopefully, with the sharing on how to tell a girl you like her, it will help you to “conquer” the girl you like.

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