When You Should Start a Relationship

Starting a new relationship can be an enjoyable experience for both young men and women. It helps them to know more about themselves and enhance a sense of appreciation, respect, and understanding. Dating is an initial step to take before proceeding to courtship and eventually to marriage. Therefore, you need to understand what a relationship entails before starting one.

The couple is dating and building their relationship

At what age should you start a relationship?

The answer depends on different factors, which includes the maturity and personality level. Over the years, kids date as early as 12-13 years. Most of them start pairing up by the time they hit 15. Many of them start dating because of free dating sites that connect them.   There is a clear difference between early daters and those waiting until they are old enough.

According to a study, boys and girls who start dating early often face academic and behavioral problems than their mates. Their lack of maturity leaves them unprepared to cope with some of the universal emotions and challenges faced by couples. They are left to figure things out for themselves being without many friends going through similar experiences.

It would help if you understood that being in a relationship does not depend on age. It depends on a certain level of maturity you must have attained. You must be mature physically, psychologically, emotionally, and mentally. Mind you, a serious relationship is very demanding and takes a lot from you. You must be ready to give everything for the sake of a relationship. Therefore, if you wish to start a serious relationship, you must have what it takes.

When should you start a relationship?

Many questions run through our minds when starting a relationship. We get excited and, at the same time, anxious about dating. There are some facts we need to note before getting started.  After fulfilling those things, you can then begin a relationship.

The following are the things you should note:

Please do not start a relationship until you are sure it is for the right reasons

A serious and committed relationship is about sharing life experiences, getting better, and growing with the right person. To make this happen, you must first commit to learning some crucial lessons on your own. That is the only remedy to get away from your last failed relationship. Even though the grieving process may seem painful and lengthy, you should allow it. Doing this will make you stronger emotionally. After a breakup, there is so much significant growth for you because you cannot skip it and start a new relationship.

Love yourself more than you could ever imagine

There is a common saying that states, “Nobody can love you any more than you love yourself.” Of course, it is true. We often expect a lot from our prospective partners, but they cannot fulfill our desires all the time. That is why we need self-love in our lives consistently. Self-love has to happen frequently on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Physical self-love: You need to start listening and responding to the needs of the body. Create a sense of security in your mind where you feel safe. Get to know what your body needs to maintain balance through exercise, diet, and rest. Learn to say yes to yourself and what your body needs per time.

Emotional self-love: Develop an attitude of kindness, learn to honor, and respect your emotions. If they are things you observe are not you, you can choose to let them go.

Mental self-love: Get rid of thoughts that tell you you’re less of who you are. Thoughts like; you are not good enough, beautiful/handsome like others, and so on. These thoughts decrease your self-worth and self-esteem. Kick out self-deprecating thoughts and replace them with thoughts that reflect your wholeness. For instance, “I deserve more than I could ever ask for,” etc.

Spiritual self-love: Establish and maintain a deeper connection with your spirit through acknowledging and respecting the voice of your intuition. You can achieve this through meditation, journaling, and spending quiet periods in nature. That inner guide will tell you when you are ready for a relationship, and if someone you meet is right or wrong for you.

The couple is dating and building their relationship

Learn what it takes to have a healthy relationship

There are excellent tools that can help clarify the expectations of a healthy relationship. Before jumping in, commit to the process of understanding what it takes to communicate and build a strong relationship structure. Healthy relationships begin slowly as friendships. Then commitment and intimacy come after a physical, emotional, and mental connection has been established over time and has been consistently demonstrated. With free dating sites, you can get to meet new people and make new friends.

Enjoy yourself and have fun

It would help if you learned about what you might want in a prospective partner by meeting people and having fun. Dating is a great opportunity to be exposed to new things, thoughts, environments, and lifestyles. You can maximize dating sites to your advantage and get more familiar with dating.

When you are around your partner, you should have a great feeling and enjoy yourself rather than feeling awkward. A relationship should create a spark in you rather than hurt or pain.

Things to look for when choosing the right person

It would be best if you were cognizance of some things before you want your potential partner. Check whether:

  • They respect you and themselves
  • They have good mental and emotional health
  • They maintain self-control
  • They are definite reasons for starting a relationship

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