Why Don’t Girls Like Me?!

Let’s dive right into this! Women have always been attracted to men for reasons that are conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. Women seeking men are wary of their persona, demeanor, self-confidence, all of those things. So, if you’ve landed yourself in a situation where you’re asking yourself – why don’t women like me? Why am *I* that friendzoned guy in the corner everytime?….. it’s time to reevaluate your approach to dating!

The culture of online dating and free dating is prevalent today. Therefore, it’s very likely you’re finding yourself on dates that tend to end up nowhere. Just because you know how to operate dating sites doesn’t mean you’ll always be successful at finding a date!

Whether you’re seeking a partner through online dating sites or other ways, there’s always a way to make yourself more attractive. So, let’s address some of the basics in helping you come across more desirable! In this article, we break down 8 Overlooked Reasons Why Your Online Dates Aren’t Ending Up Anywhere

The man considers himself why girls don't like him

You’re Too Overbearing

It’s possible that it’s your inherent nature to take care of a girl’s problems, but are you being too vocal about it? See, This is what her friends are for. And not necessarily what she’s looking for in a potential date! So, take a seat back and let her know you’re there for her, *without* making yourself sound too overcaring. It’s a fine line. And you must tread it wisely!

You Complain Too Much About Being Single

If there’s one thing that will instantly turn off a girl, it’s a guy who constantly mopes about being single. Maybe you think you’re the ‘nice guy’ that girls overlook. Maybe you’re whining about how you always end up in the friendzone. Stop immediately! If a woman senses that you lack the appeal to attract women and have a chance at dating, you’ve lost your case before it began. And that’s not going to increase your likeliness of finding a date.

You Seek Approval Way Too Much

“Did you like that?”

“Was that a good decision?”

“Did I do that right?”

If you find yourself asking questions like this a little too often – you’re probably coming across as confused and conflicted. If a woman senses that you tend to over analyse situations and don’t have the confidence to trust your intuitions, you’ve landed in trouble! Of course, it’s important to seek the other person’s opinion and have two-sided participation. However, it’s also important that you are willing to embrace spontaneity and act on raw instinct. As opposed to pre-planning and asking for approval unnecessarily!

You’re Too Emotionally Dependant


Here’s the thing; your date is looking for a boyfriend. Not a rescue puppy! The problem with many men is that they confuse emotional transparency with full-blown dependency. It’s essential that you’re confident in your skin, have a thick to begin with, and do not depend on your partner’s emotional labor more than you should. Even if you’ve just started seeing someone and exhibit any symptoms of emotional dependence (remember that FRIEND’S episode?)….. you’re likely to end up nowhere!

You’re Too Shy To Approach Women

Let’s just preface this by saying: we’re not implying you need to go on a date with a dozen women every month to find the ‘right match’. However, do keep in mind that this is a numbers game. So, the higher the number of women you approach, the greater your success rate. If you’re too shy to approach women on dating sites, or alternatively, walk up to women and introduce yourself…. you’ve got yourself a problem to fix!

You’re Too Eager To Please

“I just want someone to always look after and take care of”.

Definitely not something your date wants to hear! Desperation isn’t a good look on anyone, especially if you’re trying to bag yourself a date. Of course, women always appreciate men who are out to please. But ask yourself, are you coming across as too needy? Are you going overboard in your attempts to please the other person? This is particularly the case if you’re not in a commitment yet, but still in the beginning stages of your relationship. It’s a great thing to be a nice guy, but not too nice that you look desperate.

You’re Coming Across As Insecure

Insecurity is perhaps the biggest red flag for any woman looking for a relationship. It’s OK to have a sense of humor about yourself, and not take yourself too seriously. But when it crosses that limit, and goes into the “he’s insecure about himself” territory….. you’ve made yourself pitiable. Women like guys who exude self assurity *without* being egoistic. And it’s very easy to be perceived as egoistic or narcissistic on dating sites. But that’s the balance you must strive for!

You’re Trying Too Hard

There’s a fine line between being a gentleman and being someone who’s trying to *prove* their gentlemanly-ness. Recognizing the difference between these two will be integral to the success of your dating life. Now, you should definitely be a gentlemen. That’s something that’ll never go out of style. But if you’re surpassing that quality and going into the “I’m too nice to be real” zone, you’ll come across as fake. Instead, try to be natural in your behaviour, or you’ll have her thinking you’re a phony immediately. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Bottom Line:

Let’s get one thing clear: there are no hard and fast rules to make online dating 100% successful. However, the saturation of dating sites has made it easier to find your match. If you’re unable to find a dating site that *actually* works for you – give Mingle2 a try.

Happy Dating!

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  • I don’t even know what you are talking about. I am 59 now and lost the best 20 years of my life on the Internet trying to find one single woman that wasn’t fucked up on meth or booze or both (or heroin or coke or pills). Supposedly I am doing something wrong because I don’t drink or use drugs, I have worked full time since I was 14, all my bills are paid for life, I have a brand new car, I don’t have to pay rent for life, I have a guest house in Bermuda and women won’t even acknowledge me never mind talk to me. They are such losers they won’t even take a free trip to Bermuda with me on a “date”. They walk right by and ignore me and I thought I knew them. Get it through your thick skulls women – you are fucking up everything for the American family unit. Can you please stop it for your children even?

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