Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

Most girls aren’t so easy to read that you find out if she likes you. And they do it on purpose, to entice the man to fight for her, to want to conquer her. But for a long time, men went after studying female body language and found that they are not that smart and that what cannot be marked by language is often marked by actions. Actions speak louder than words, which is why half the world knows you are in love a little bit even before you are sure of yourself. Girls, as sensitive as they are, find it particularly intimidating to make love known at the outset. But they give clear indications that identify as signs a girl loves you even when they try not to let things out.

Girl likes a man without showing love to him

How the girl shows that she is in love with you

The easiest way to realize that a girl is in love with you is when she is most caring and sympathetic, especially if she is the romantic style of girls. However, if the girl that falls for you has a more sensual type, she will exude sensuality, either with larger necklines or pronouncing some indirect to you, preparing the game of seduction for you to fall into it.

But if she prefers to conceal rather than show her true feelings, they may be rude or indifferent, but only apparently. To know when these attitudes hide your interest, you will be able to observe them because the girl at the same time will try to get your attention with ordinary actions. That is, if the girl is your co-worker, for example, she will criticize something that you did even without need, something like “get on your feet”, or not answer a question from you, among other attitudes.

This contradictory behavior of the girl in love usually happens when she doesn’t feel matched by you. Thus, it is the girl’s way to protect herself from a possible “out” that may come from you. However, if you are interested in it, do not be threatened by its rudeness. Try to unmask her, discreetly and not in front of other people, so that the girl’s defenses are weakened.

Other signs to look out for include the following:

Peripheral looks

You have to know how to analyze the peripheral looks of girls, who may be devouring your eyes. But we cannot be present everywhere. Having a friend or girlfriend to analyze these looks is better. A bit like in police films where the guys cover each other, back to back to face the danger! Instead of being back to back in trying to know if she likes you, go face to face with your interlocutor, and if you think that a girl is watching you secretly, ask your wing to confirm it.

Her activity on Facebook

Does she often like what you post? Do you meet her at parties where you had indicated that you would be “attending”? Is she trying to tell you about the bands you listen to, the movies you love? If she spends so much time spying on your Facebook, there is bound to be an eel under the rock.

She gets nervous when she is with you

If she drops or hits things, she shreds her napkin or fiddles with her hair and clothes. So it’s because she’s nervous around you because she likes you so much!

Another sign is if she talks too fast or has sweaty hands. Normally she leans a lot against the other hand or lightly tries to rub her hands on her clothes to try to dry them. This is the perfect opportunity for you to put her at ease, trying to make her laugh and feel relaxed in your presence. Maybe even approaching her or taking her hand to help calm her nerves. It shows that you are in control, and that is very charming too.

She looks at your lips

This is a sign that I say is subtle and easy to understand at the same time. Subtle because you need to be very aware of the girl to realize. Easy to understand because if you notice, it is clear that you already have the green light to try a kiss.

Something a little more advanced is that she maintains eye contact with you, and you notice that she is looking at your mouth from time to time. Watch out if when she turns her gaze to your eyes, a little corner smile appears. It is an almost imperceptible smile. In this situation, do not waste time. If you have to, step closer, maintaining eye contact. You will see that she will respond by approaching too. Hey, BOOOM, the kiss happens.

You mustn’t forget to show interest in kissing her too. Always make eye contact, and return the eyes to the mouth as well.

Gestures that betray a girl in love with you

Finally, among the attitudes that betray a girl in love with you, I encourage you to observe thoroughly! Observation is the key to knowing if a woman is interested in you. Here is a non-exhaustive list of gestures that betray a girl in love with you:

  • She shifts and then makes room for you to pass
  • Sometimes she makes sudden gestures, she becomes awkward when you are close
  • An interested girl may become dumb, silent because of her shyness
  • Conversely, some do everything to stand out and speak and laugh louder

Generally, she shows her “erogenous” and sensitive zones, she touches them, caresses them, reveals them a little ( her neck, her wrists, plays with her hair, moistens her lips).

A girl in love with you will naturally be more turned towards you, with a more open body language, and above all, will tend to touch you more during your jokes!

In either situation, it is important that you know how to act, especially if your interest in the girl is high. Even when she is indifferent but persists in pursuing you, showing her attraction to you, disarm her with an invitation to dinner. The woman may make herself difficult, showing disinterest, but lightly insist that there is nothing too much for you going out to an informal dinner.

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