How to Know the Person You Met Online is Crazy About You

When you meet with someone physically, you look for clues such as tones of words and body language. You look out for those clues because they can tell you if the person you are seeing is into you. But it might not be that easy when chatting with a prospective lover or an online lover. Perhaps you meet on one of those credible online dating sites, such as So how do you know that this guy or lady is really crazy about you? Don’t worry; this post is for you. Here are five unusual signs to help you know that your online lover is mad about you.

1. They will anticipate talking to you.

It is normal for two people in an online relationship to be busy with their personal lives. It shows maturity and that both parties are diligent about what they are doing, as they ought to. However, whenever it is time to engage in communications for the day, there should be excitement. You should be able to notice the excitement in the way they talk to you. It may also be a poetic chant to grace your day. Moments of conversations may also not want to end. You can feel the need to continue talking to them, or they can tell you they want to keep talking to you. A properly sustained conversation that leaves both parties hungry to talk more is an indication of mad love. If you can pick up vibes of excitement and anticipation so that they can hear from you, that shows something. They are really crazy about you.

2. They will open up to you.

First off, know this; not every secret is worth knowing. So, you really don’t have to pester your lover to open up their secrets to you. That, especially, goes if it has nothing to do about you or your relationship. A person who is crazy about you would be able to open up to you on almost anything. They want you to know that they trust you so much that they can tell you about their lives, routines, or activities. It’s possible they ask you to share some things with them. Opening up to you is a sense of commitment; it is a subtle message that there is nothing too much for you to know about. So, what way is there to show a mad love other than this? You shouldn’t take it wrongly if your partner does not share everything with you, especially if he is a guy. Dudes are cut from tough stones, you know. However, when they feel comfortable around you, they will let you in on certain things. Maybe not all, but enough for you to pick the clues that they care.

3. There is a limit to mad moments.

Everyone gets mad. We are mad when someone hurts us or maltreat us or our emotions. Some of those angry moments are truthfully worth the anger. Sometimes, it could even be with the one you are crushing on, on a dating app, or one you are currently dating. But one who is crazy enough about you should not stay mad at you for so long. They won’t be able to bear not talking to you for an extended time. There will be this eagerness to connect with you again, soon. (You should not take such virtue for granted, too. Reach out to them if you are wrong and apologize. Okay?) Also, if they are angry at someone or something else when they get around you, they would melt. Why? Because your presence is special to them, and they feel like you are precious enough to reset their mood. So, they don’t want to get angry at you or transfer aggression on you. If you have such a partner, he or she is a gem worth keeping!

4. Words of encouragement are virtues of the divine.

The frequent demonstrations of encouragement or motivation mark the difference between a player and a serious person. A player is often too into the rush and would want to down on you as fast as possible. However, a person who is crazy about you would take a patient walk with you and provide timely encouragement. Motivations are hard to come by in relationships these days, especially with everyone having individual struggles. So, if you have someone who encourages you to go the extra mile, motivate your dreams, you know what? They care.

5. They remember little details that matter.

Someone crazy about you is gon’ be a stalker of important details to you. You see, no price is too much to pay for someone we are really into. This person will remember important dates in your life, such as your birthday, your parent’s date (if you flaunt them). They’ll say without hesitation, “It’s been two months since we’ve been talking, and I cherish every bit of it.” Your pet and the time of monthly appointment with the doctor are examples of details they will remember. They may not flaunt it, like post it on their Facebook timeline or something. Howbeit, they will care enough to drop a note, say a line, or a wish that will make you know that they remember. Folks who remember little details and moments are the real deal.

Final Notes

You should know that these points are not one-formula-fits-all. While the style of showing mad love might vary from person to person, the signs should be obvious enough for you to pick. If you can’t get the clues at all, you really shouldn’t push your luck too far with this online relationship.


*** This article is an opinion of the writer.

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