How To Make Her Feel Comfortable

Comfort is a key in dating, relationship, and even to appeal a girl sexually; and if you are good in making a girl comfortable you’ll be rewarded with more than a lot. Women need trust and connection to feel attracted. It’s a woman nature that they always want to feel loved; moreover, they are always in a search of a confident guy too to make her feel safe. To keep the flame alive guy always has to win her heart over and over again, and this continuous struggle is all about making her feel comfortable with you.

Both men and women need to be comfortable around each other. Creating a comfort zone is something everyone needs to have a good relationship with. In this article, we will discuss, few of the important tips that will help you to make her feel comfortable with you

The guy is making her feel comfortable with him

Tip #1 – Be Her Protector

Confidence matter a lot in making a girl fell protective. The trick is to be confident and show your confidence both through your actions and words, and it will lead you to make her feel comfortable with you.

Tip #2 – Avoid Interrogations

Don’t always seek a reaction from your girlfriend. It is recommended to state your feelings instead of asking questions. By adopting this technique, you will automatically set apart yourself from the other men. It’s a common mistake many guys do in dating a woman is asking an endless array of questions. It is a feminine nature that they avoid interrogation. Making her clear that you do not care about her reaction will allow her to find the things you both have in common. So, it’s better to make statements and let the girls pursue to find commonalities and interests you have in common.

Tip #3 – Be Proud Of Your Life

If you want to make a woman feel comfortable to be proud of your life. You must not hesitate to share your personal stories and share your emotions. The more emotionally vulnerable you’re the more you will allow your girl to have a deep insight into your life. Women like sharing experiences; so share your experiences as it makes her able to understand you and truly feel a connection with you.

Tip #4 – Try To Remember The Minute Details

Either in online dating or dating physically; the skill to “remember the details” is something very important as it helps you to know the girl more and make her closer to you. So, develop this skill by listening and focusing on what the women say. By remembering the small things she says will help you to win her heart over and over again.

Tip #5 – Be Non-Judgmental

Whatever the women say just simply never judge her. It will allow her to trust you more and become open up to you. Moreover, it will also allow her to reveal some of her secrets as well. It is also suggested to share your secrets as well. Listening to her, being non- judgmental, and being open to her will allow her to consider you trustworthy in her eyes.

Tip #6 – Develop Trust

Trust is something that plays an important role in letting any girl comfortable with you. So always focus on building a trust foundation. You are advised to share your life experiences and it’s better to be open and honest to someone you’re dating with. Better be truthful with the girl you’re dating. It will truly help you to make your girlfriend feel more comfortable coming forward with her expectations. Keep her secrets up to you and don’t disclose the secrets. Let her feel safe telling you her feelings and thoughts.

Tip #7 – Try To Spend Quality Time

Quality time is something that will change your life. Keeping the above-discussed things in mind, spend as much time with her as you could. The more you do so the more comfortable she’ll be around you. Remember, this doesn’t mean spending every second of the day with her because doing so will make her feel you a sticky person and she definitely will avoid you. It’s recommended to date her once a week, have lunch or dinner together, or engage in other fun activities.

Tip #8 – Avoid Rushing

Slow and steady wins the race. The old proverb sits best in dating as well. Let your relationship progress slowly and avoid rushing because rushing will never create a comfort zone. So, to develop a healthy relationship start with a date at a coffee shop, then go for a movie or any other fun activity, and so on.

Tip #9 – Always Respect Her Comfort Zone

Pay attention to her and never disturb her comfort zone. Ask her what makes her irritate and disturbed and try to address her to make her feel better. Always avoid what makes her irritate; by doing so she will consider you a reliable person. Physical comfort is also very important. Do not let her feel afraid of you. So, try to respect her boundaries and never force her for getting physical with you. It’s better to make out a way for it and let her feel comfortable with you. It’s also suggested to ask for permission before getting physical.

Tip #10 – Never Flirt With Her Friends

Women are always concerned about insecurities. So, never try to flirt with her friends because it will create an awkward feeling and make her feel insecure. Most importantly, by flirting with her friend you’ll not even get her friend close to you, and probably you will miss your girlfriend as well.

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