10 Ways You Have Been Having Sex Wrong

Dating should be enjoyed in every way. You and the person you are dating should enjoy the love, the laughter, the companionship, and of course, the sex! Even though many dating couples are sexually active in their relationship, a lot of people are doing it the wrong way without knowing it. Here are ten ways you have been having sex the wrong way.

A couple is used to having sex wrong

1. No foreplay

Except in cases you want to have a quick one, foreplay is important during sex. It’s not enough to be horny. Foreplay helps to put you and your partner in the mood. It brings you to the point where you are almost tearing your clothes off your body. It prepares your bodies and minds for what is coming.

Also, foreplay helps you understand the body of the person you are dating. It enables you to understand what part of their body is the most sexually sensitive and how they want it to be stimulated. If you and the person you are dating have foreplay, sex is even more enjoyable. 

If you have been jumping right into sex without exploring foreplay, you have been doing it wrong. Kiss, touch, suck and lick your way through your partner’s body, especially the erogenous zones.

2. Letting your partner do all the work

Do not lie there and let your partner do all the work. It is a huge turnoff. It is also selfish. Would you like to do all the work while your partner laid there and enjoy all your hard work without doing anything? No, not do it either. 

3. Being too forward

A lot of people make the mistake of jumping right into sex when their partner is not even there yet. Everything needs to be mutual during sex. It makes it even more enjoyable. Unknown to you, this could be the reason the person you are dating avoids having sex with you.

Before going in, make sure that they are on the same pace as you. If your partner is female, she may not be wet enough for penetration yet. If male, his mind and body may not be ready. Make sure your partner is with you all the way. Listen to their body language, and if you are still not sure, ask. This brings us to the next thing; communication. 

4. Doing it the same way every time

Having sex the same way every time you do it is very boring. You are allowed to wear the same kind of clothes, listen to the same, eat the same food or whatever. You are allowed to be boring in every other part of your life but not in bed! 

Switch things up! Try different locations and positions. You’ll be surprised by how fun things will get as a result.

5. Not communicating

Some people communicate with the person they are dating until it’s time for sex then they don’t. Communicate your feelings and what you want to your partner to do and encourage them to do so too.

Tell them what parts of your body you loved to be touched and how. If they are doing something wrong, gently show them the best way to do it. Stop feigning pleasure in order not to hurt their feelings. Stop enduring things you do not enjoy in bed because you do not want to hurt your partner’s self-esteem. If you do not like sex toys or a blow job, or whatever, say so.

Make eye contact and express yourself. Also, listen to what they have to say. 

6. Not caring if your partner has an orgasm

No matter how selfish you are naturally, the one place you shouldn’t be selfish is in bed. Even if you and your sexual partner are not dating, you must care that they enjoy the sex as much as you do. If all you care about is how you will have an orgasm and nothing else, you have been doing it wrong.

7. Holding back

A lot of people hold back during sex because they do not want the person they are dating to think they are too wild. There are also those you feel like their sex face is disgusting, or their body is ugly, so they have to stay in a specific position to look good. Stop being so shy. Stop trying to look cute. You are ruining the whole thing.

There are a lot of reasons why people hold back during sex. Holding back will limit how enjoyable sex is for you and your partner. Don’t worry about the way you look, the person you are dating loves you that way, and that is why they haven’t left you. Spread out your legs, moan like a wild animal, try out all the crazy styles you have ever wanted to and do whatever you want. 

Also, if you have fetishes, talk to the person you are dating and see if they are willing to try them out. We only live once. 

8. Do anything without consent

If you do things your partner is not into without getting permission, you are doing it wrong. Do not talk dirty or call your partner demeaning names if they are not into it. Do not switch to anal if they do not consent or play smart and do things your partner doesn’t want. 

9. Receiving but not giving head

If you love to receive head, you should be willing to give it too. As much as you love being pleasured so you can reach the climax, you should be willing to please your partner well enough, so they have an orgasm. It should be a win-win thing.

If you don’t give head, do not ask for it. 

10. Being emotionless 

It could be a turn off if you act like the sex is torture or you are enduring it. It could make your partner feel they aren’t doing enough to make you enjoy it.

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