[IMPORTANT] here’s how to survive the holidays together with your date

Let’s assume that you have gone through all those free dating websites and found a match. You have started to trust each other as well. So, it’s time to plan something exciting, isn’t it? Well, planning a holiday must be a great idea for any couple that has started to date recently. In fact, for a newly-paired couple, the first holiday is a superb opportunity to get to know each other better. It also gives an opportunity to decide whether to carry things forward.

Suppose that you have met through one of those free dating websites. In that case, planning a holiday can be pretty challenging for two souls. You have not spent holidays together before and you have only a glimpse of each other’s likes and dislikes. So, it is always better to plan ahead and prepare if you have any hopes to complete the holiday as a “couple” but not “rivals”.

Couple survives the holidays together when dating

Take no pressure at all

You two are a new couple and you can hardly expect everything to go perfect, like in those fairy-tale movies. In other words, there can be some imperfections during the holiday. Yet, you should consider that as a part and parcel of your holiday (that can make it more adventurous). So, both of you must have realistic expectations and have no pressure. Those minor imperfections will give you an opportunity. That is to explore each other’s reactions. So, consider it as a blessing.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

Say that you have spent some time together after meeting through one of those free dating sites. Your first holiday would be a great challenge for you. Both of you will start to experience completely new world. Even if you have experience in going on holiday as a single, spending a holiday as a couple is a whole new scenario. Regardless of your expectations, you are vulnerable to some issues as well. Tiredness, stress, getting exhausted, becoming sick, bored, grumpy, etc. are some examples. Even if you handle those situations well, your partner might not (or otherwise). In this case, you should not take any of those instances and prepare to handle such situations.

Have a budget planned in advance

It is true that you want to impress your date from all the possible ways. While it is acceptable, don’t overdo it especially when it comes to things that affect your budget. If you are planning a life ahead, it is completely OK to know each other’s realistic financial capacities. So, you must make sure that there is a specific amount you would spend on the holiday. That will not disturb the plans for the rest of the month. Never let your holiday incur huge debts. After all, you want a memorable holiday that doesn’t cost a fortune. So, discuss and work a budget out. Planning a budget is very easy because of the internet.

Avoid travel stress

You must ensure that there is no travel stress and that is exactly why you should plan the holiday in advance. A well-planned holiday ensures that there is a minimal amount of last-minute issues. Think of a situation where you are stuck on massive traffic on the motorway while you are on the way to the airport. Well, how you handle such instances would reflect your personality. Also, your partner will get a clear idea about you through those situations. The same goes for you as well (you can notice how your partner acts under pressure).

Consider all those situations as parts of your holiday and try to remain calm as much as possible. Instead of shouting or murmuring, take deep breaths. If your partner is acting aggressive, you should try to absorb their pressure as well. Be more patient and count to 10. Don’t be too quick to jump into conclusions about the characteristics of your partner. Instead, tolerate their behaviors until the end of the holiday. In a different circumstance, your partner will act in a better way while you are going nuts! So, you should come to conclusions about the behavior after the holiday.

Know each other’s preferred activities before the trip

Never expect your date to like what you like during the holiday. Instead, discuss each other’s preferences and plan the activities. Forcing your partner to do what you like is the end of your relationship. But if both of you like the same drill, that’s a great benefit and you hardly need any extensive planning.

Have some time apart

Spending a holiday is not all about spending time together every minute. Instead, plan some time apart. A bit of separate time is important for both of you. That is to refresh your feelings and get back to holiday mood with more excitement.

For instance, think of a situation where you have a cold beer in a shady nook. During that time she can go for some shopping in the nearby city.

Share your responsibilities

Even if you are going on a holiday, there are some boring stuff you must attend to. For instance, you will have to book taxis, go for grocery shopping, planning excursions, etc.

Don’t take up all those responsibilities. Instead, realize what you are good at and act.

Try to meet other people

If you can, meeting other people you know during your holiday is a great thing. Such an approach is a great way to share experiences, stories with a couple of beers or a meal. Those meetings can even end up creating new opportunities for all parties.

Last but definitely not least, make sure that you avoid picking arguments. This is applicable particularly after having some drinks. Don’t get into arguments as they can go too far. Instead, tolerate such instances and have an assessment later on.

So, that’s it about planning your first holiday with the date and survive it. Good luck with your holidays!

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