How to bounce back: Love yourself first

By L.a.

Breaking up with someone is always a terrible experience because no matter how good or bad that relationship was, the pair had been through a special time together. Some people just take a few days to get over someone, while others spend the rest of their life to try to bounce back from their ex-love.

After the breakup, we often haunt ourselves by negative questions like why the relationship ended, if we did something wrong if we weren’t good enough for them and so on. 

In most of the cases, the breakup is not your fault.

How to bounce back: Love yourself first
The breakup is not your fault

Have you ever wondered why you had such negative feelings after the breakup?  That’s because your grief made you perceive yourself incorrectly. If only you understood your own values and loved yourself more, you could recover from the breakup with less pain. 

As a matter of fact, people have thousands of reasons for the breakup just to cover the fact that they stopped loving their partner. 

If his/ her love for you remained unchanged, they would be able to tolerate and accept you as who you are, with both your perfection and imperfection. If they still loved you, they would always try to improve themselves to be the best version in your eyes.

But when love changes, don’t hold on it, just set yourself and your partner free so that both of you can find your true happiness.

There is no reason for you to keep blaming yourself. When that person is not your Mr / Ms. Right and you are not his / her Ms  /Mr. Right, then the breakup is inevitable. 

Leaving when you two don’t belong to each other is the best choice you can make for yourself and for your partner.

You can bounce back faster when you learn how to love yourself more.

How to bounce back: Love yourself first
How to bounce back: Love yourself first

There are many ways to bounce back and in the previous entry, I have shared how to get over your ex. All the tips focus on how you should concentrate on yourself after the breakup.

Amongst all these tips, the most important thing is that you need to love yourself first before you love someone else. 

Apparently, when you love yourself, you will try to make your life stable and fulfilled. This will then strengthen your love, and in worst cases, you can stay optimistic to face the challenges of love. Moreover, how can you love someone if you cannot love the closest person to you, yourself? This is not a selfish act at all. In fact, you can love someone more when you already love yourself first, as you have more happiness to share instead of seeking happiness from others. 

We try to find the love of our lives, our soulmates. However, many people never think carefully about what soulmate is about. From my point of view, soulmate is the mate of your soul. Hence, instead of running around to find someone out there to be your soulmate, you should become the mate of your soul by caring more for it. 

Only when you are your soulmate, you know how to love yourself, you realize your true value, you can control the negative emotions after breaking up. One day, you wake up and believe in yourself more. You can then realize that if someone fails to treasure you, it is their loss. Consequently, it becomes easy to bounce back.

 Hopefully, this article gives you another point of view about breaking up and bouncing back. 

As long as you love yourself, you don’t need to fight so hard to bounce back anymore. 

Hope you will find your true value and peace of mind. And if you need someone to share, join Mingle2 to mingle with our community or drop a comment below to let me know.

See you later! 


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