Strike a Perfect Balance between Intimacy and Space in a Relationship

A romantic relationship is fun, to begin with since it offers you to explore each other in ways you never realized. From knowing the humorous side of a partner to find out your self in the process, every day is a revelation. This is where you also realize the relationship is not just a bed of roses. It is great to be in love with the right partner who put you as a priority. However, if you look at it, many complain of getting too much attention from the partner. Some end up suspecting it as a mark of possessiveness.

This creates a rift at any phase of the relationship, calling them to either break off or look for love elsewhere on the online dating sites like Mingle2. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love, all life is difficult. There is a need for two people to feel similar love for each other. Why do people who love all the adoration in the honeymoon period, find it annoying in the later years? Let us look for ways to maintain the best relationship.

A couple is Striking a Perfect Balance between Intimacy and Space in a Relationship

What to Seek from a Relationship

Modern dating sites feature people who are looking for what they consider ‘true love.’ The fictional ‘happily ever after’ is the utopia people run after. Does that mean the ‘true love’ does not exist? It exists if you are willing to put yourself into its quest.

What do you desire from your romantic relationship? Intimacy is subjective, and everyone has set limitations to it. Remember, too much of anything is going to be bad for you. Likewise, you may want to hug and show physical intimacy to your partner a lot more. You may feel your show of physical intimacy is the beginning and end of your relationship goal. You may even like the times you spend in your bedroom, exchanging fond glances, and those teasing touches, are all so welcoming. However, have you ever considered if that is also what your partner desires?

Be Honest and Have a Clear Discussion

Many times, partners assume they know their better half very well about their moods and love for intimacy. This is where they go wrong. Do you love to show your fondness in other ways? Many people in their dating phase show off a lot more just to portray their best selves like a peacock in the courtship days. This is probably not what they want. But many men and women make this mistake and end up crying for the rest of their lives. Speak out your fears, your insecurities, and your desires. For all you know, they may also reciprocate the same!

Talk to your partners and be clear since you love him or her. Tell them how you function. If you love to be more vocal about the expression of love, do not hesitate to express that. It saves a lot of time and energy you put behind that relationship.

Know where to Draw the Line

Many people claim they want surprises in their physical intimacy but are not open about it. This may take the partners by shock, and they may not find it respectful too.

Just like any other relationship, ‘RESPECT’ plays a significant role in your love and marital life too. Remember, this person is not aware of the ways you live your life and what your desires are. If you have any fantasies in your bucket-list for the bedroom, play it out fair. Do not force your partner to fall in with your plan with equal enthusiasm.

How to Bring in a Balance

Does your relation give you emotional stability along with decent physical intimacy? If yes, then respect it. Respect him or her for being the beacon of love and hope in your life. Make them feel good and special when they are with you. Your relationship is a lot more than just the nocturnal adventures in bed. If you believe you have a great rapport with the spouse, ensure you continue to respect them at all times. Help them with the chores around the home and watch their favorite movie with them sitting on the couch. Share jokes with them, and do not hesitate to be your goofy self.

Value your privacy and cherish your ‘me-time’ as well. When people enter this phase of life, they forget or push their friends and family or even their profession and hobbies backstage. Start getting back on track in life and value personal space and privacy. Resume hanging out with your gang of boys once a month or so. If your partner wants to go on a girl’s night out, let her do so too. There is no point in calling her every few minutes to check on her when you trust her. Mutual respect comes that way, and allowing some space to each other makes your life more enjoyable.

Know the Difference between Care and Infringement on Privacy

Your idea of privacy may be different. When you are dating, you may not be reading each other’s mail or phone messages. But if you feel it to be an intrusion into your privacy, be open about it. Many presume their partner to be ‘hiding’ some secrets or some shady illicit affairs at online dating sites. Never get into fights for this and respect your partner’s need for privacy. If you even come across anything accidentally, do not confront them with hostility. It takes years for trust to build, but once it breaks, there can be no turning back.

Miguel Angel Ruiz had said, ‘Respect is the greatest expression of love,’ and this is undeniably true. Give your partners the care and love, and get the same in return. If you are looking for love, remember, space is also going to give you that dream-like romance as much as physical intimacy. Just handle it right and wait for a magical relationship to flourish!

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