How to enjoy the power of pleasure

A dating coach from the best free online dating site once said, “The key to a woman’s health, wellbeing and happiness lies in a good relationship with her sexuality. Women should always come first.” This is pure and simple. I agree with that 100%.

As I see it, ladies’ sexuality is beyond a tool for reproduction. Ladies’ sexuality is clearly a whole-body experience that is not limited to one area of the body. As a matter of fact, when a lady owns her pleasure, she owns her life.

A couple enjoy the power of pleasure

What’s your relationship with your pleasure?

“It’s perfectly okay to stimulate your reflex center by yourself until the right man appears,” says a dating expert from the top free dating site. “If you are a single lady, you are also entitled to pleasure.”

Actually, if you are a single woman, you can express your own sexuality in so many interesting ways. First, you may start by acknowledging that sexual energy created your body in the first place and is still fueling your body now. Realistically, you are already a sexy and flirtatious lady by nature. You already know how to enjoy tantalizing pleasure guilt-free! 

Frankly, having intercourse with a man is not always the ideal way to achieve an Orgasm with a capital O. Research shows that single ladies live longer than married ladies. And single women also enjoy orgasm more often than married ladies! That’s because masturbation definitely results in orgasm each time, whilst having intercourse with a guy doesn’t always lead to female orgasm. Obviously, orgasm creates happy hormones in the body (e.g. dopamine and oxytocin), which can make women live longer.

Female empowerment has nothing to do with acting like a man. 

In modern-day society, feminism is overdone in western countries. As a consequence, a lot of women believe that women have to compete with men or outdo men. However, they have probably missed the point. Please let me explain.

Real feminism is not really about getting every woman to work her ass off, okay? Truthfully, real feminism is about giving ladies choices and freedom. A woman should be able to choose the right way of life that suits her. When a lady has the option of marrying a provider or working, she has real freedom to decide whatever is right for herself. Yet when working becomes a real obligation that is disguised as ‘independence’ or ‘empowerment’, there is nothing empowering or independent about being forced to do something that every other lady is also doing. A dating counsellor from the best free dating site literally said, “Be a masculine woman who acts like a guy – where is the fun in something like that!?”

Never deny your femininity out of a wrong notion that to be womanly is to be weak or inconsequential. Frankly, true femininity is powerful in its own way rather than in a masculine way or a “tough” way.

So, if you’ve got a full-time job that forces you to work your face off and you actually believe that you deserve some free time or a ‘gap year’ to have some fun, you should do it! Life is very short, so every moment in every day is important. You deserve more pleasure! 

Even if you don’t have a partner, as a single woman, you can have a romantic holiday by yourself. You may watch romantic films, read erotica, enjoy the art of self-seduction and write a creative blog about your journey. How cool is that?!

The inner strength of sexuality:


As a lady, you’re totally worthy of getting what you want and what you deserve. You are allowed to surrender to all pleasures, including sexual pleasure. I give you the permission to savor a bounty of sexual delight which includes many orgasms.

Here is an interesting exercise recommended by a dating coach from the top free dating site:

Have a walk alone, whether in nature or in a crowded street. As you’re walking, imagine that the most attractive woman in the world is pressed up against your left side (the side of your body which represents receiving and femininity). For instance, when I do this fun exercise, I imagine that Jessica Alba is on my left side. Nonetheless, you can choose any attractive lady you prefer.

Breathe in that attractive woman’s positive energy. Imagine drawing in her sensuality and sexuality. And then increase your growing life force with each breath as it’s channeled from the universe through the most attractive lady into your soul. 

Doing this exercise for 5 minutes per day for 21 days, and see what happens! 

The female orgasm lasts 3 times longer than the male orgasm.

Dating experts from the best free dating sites claim that female orgasm is a moment of ecstasy, an expression of a lady’s life force with a burst of nitric oxide. By the way, nitric oxide is a very significant chemical in a lady’s body and brain. It creates joy which is the most important factor in terms of an individual’s happiness, health and wellbeing.

As a result, modern women must put pleasure and play first, for every lady is naturally a pleasure-seeking goddess.

Incidentally, if you’ve found a great partner via the top free dating site, this is how to have more than one orgasm at a time:

In the first place, better orgasm starts with you. It’s your job to awaken your own anatomy by reading a sexy story each week.

In the second place, it’s your responsibility to ask for what you need. Do not settle for someone who never values your desires and needs. When he does something right, you should simply moan louder.

Last but not least, when it’s necessary, you can ask each other quick questions that could be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Listen to each other sincerely, please.

Dating coaches from the best free dating sites wish you all the best!

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