Everything You Should Know About Sexuality

It’s not quite easy to define sexuality as it tends to be a broad term. For most people, the term only evokes matters around sex. But this shouldn’t be the case. It touches several important aspects of human life. How you express yourself sexually is the main agenda involving the topic. Your sexual experiences are a major part of it but not the whole picture.

Several types of behaviors and feelings revolve around sexuality. Such include your physical, erotic, emotional, spiritual, biological, and even social way of life. This way you realize sexuality touches on many aspects of your life and not only around sex. In today’s world, people are a lot more expressive about their sexuality. Gone are the days such matters were discussed behind closed doors and in hushed tones.

Finding a sexual and life partner tends to be more complex. You have to connect on so many different levels rather than just physical attraction. You might find it easier to date a couple of people in the quest to find such a person. With the rise of the internet, dating sites are a great place for this endeavor. Not all people are honest about who they are but you can search and get some that are.

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Sexual Orientation

It’s at puberty that you first start expressing yourself sexually and learning who you are. Your sexual orientation is one of the first areas to tackle in all matters of sexuality. Who are you? Who do you like? What do you like? This era is more liberal and gives you a chance to explore that deeper than just boy likes girl and girl likes boy. There are far more diverse sexual orientations.

You might like a partner of a different gender than yours or of the same gender. Attractions to both genders are common as well. All these are sexual orientations to keep in mind as you start exploring your sexuality. When you are true to yourself you only date the people that you have attraction to. The best online dating sites have diversified nowadays, gone are the days of different sex sites only promoting heterosexual orientation.

As you explore your sexuality, you can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. Remember that sexual orientation is mainly about who attracts you physically and emotionally. Sexual identity is an important topic in today’s world with more people learning to become expressive. These changes in times make it safer to identify with your true sexual orientation. But it’s essential to note that not all people are able to do this. Much more needs to be done on this topic for people to live their true lives.

Different Types of Sexuality

As earlier detailed, there are four main types of sexuality namely heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and asexual.

1. Heterosexual

When you identify as heterosexual, it means you are attracted to people of the opposite sex. Heterosexuality occurs when two people of the opposite sex have a romantic and erotic attraction towards one another. It’s the most common type of sexuality in the world and widely accepted across many cultures.

When you identify as a heterosexual, you find it better to relate on a sexual level to a person of the opposite gender. Those of the same gender as yours don’t cause any physical or romantic reaction from you. Though this means attraction to a person of a different gender, it’s more complex than that. You might have noted the attraction is not to every single person of a different gender than yours. Sexuality is deeper calling for more details on the person that attracts you.

2. Homosexuality

When you identify as a homosexual it simply means you’re attracted to people of the same gender as yours. In case you go on the top dating websites, you select those with potential partners that match your gender. Today’s world is more open to other types of sexuality and homosexuality has grown in leaps and bounds. Though not yet identified in all countries in the world, many more people are free to express themselves.

There has been a debate for a while now on whether homosexuality is a choice or not. More research is opening the eyes of the world to the fact that a person can be born a homosexual. It’s a type of sexuality that existed for centuries and not new as others would have you believe. The problem has been many cultures and religions don’t identify it.

3. Bisexual

Gone are the days when sexuality meant a man and a woman attracted to one another. Bisexuality means you’re attracted to people of the same and opposite gender as yours. This simply means you have attraction to both men and women. There is no measure to who you’re more attracted to as this differs from one person to the other. Being a bisexual has led to new types of unions among couples like pansexual.

4. Asexual

When you realize you have no physical or emotional attraction to other people despite the gender, then you are asexual. This is a type of sexual orientation that people across the world have. It’s not a choice like choosing to abstain from sex.

Sexuality and Confusion

Today’s world is more complex as you try and learn about your sexuality. With more information on different types of sexuality, confusion sets in. If you do, you are not alone. The most important thing in life is to live true to self. Take time to learn more about yourself and what you want. You can opt to date more than one gender as you explore your sexual orientation.

Online dating is a great way to meet many people on this journey. It’s important the world keeps opening about matters of sexuality. This gives you room to keep exploring and have less confusion that comes with fear. It might feel overwhelming but it’s important to learn who you truly are.


Sexuality is broad. It’s essential to learn who you are and what type of sexual orientation you identify with. Openly discussing the topic of sexuality removes the stigma around it. It’s important you learn much more about it.

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