What Is The Right Age To Get Married?

Some questions are very simple to ask yet very difficult to answer. They are simple because they are open questions. However, those questions are difficult not because there are no answers for them. They are difficult because there are too many answers for them. Open questions have many answers. In such case, it will be difficult to select an answer that will work for all. The question of when to get married is an open one. It does not have a definite answer. That is because the answer to the question varies from one individual to another. Some will prefer to get married at their 20’s while some will love to do so later. For those that fall into either of the aforementioned categories, one thing is certain. There are reasons behind their choices. They both have one reason or the other.

To those in the first category, it will be better to get married while one is settling into life. Also, for the people in the second category, marriage is sweet when one has already settled into life. Either way, there are advantages and there are disadvantages. Rather, the best time to get married should be between one’s late 20’s and one’s early 30’s. One needs to maintain a balance between being too young and being too old, to get married. Some of the reasons are in the following paragraphs.

A couple is considering what is the right age to get married?


It is difficult to build understanding between new couples. That is because marriage understanding is different from courtship understanding. There are cases of couples who enjoyed good courtship relationship but do not enjoy their marriage lives. Time is the major factor. The time spent together during courtship is shorter than the one they will spend in marriage. In marriage, there will be more time to see enough of each other’s weaknesses. They will start to see the weaknesses that they hid before marriage after marriage. Then, they will need time to build another understanding. And the right time to do that is within the set age-limit.

Getting married between late 20’s and early 30’s will spare you the time to build a strong understanding. Conversely, getting married late will not afford you the opportunity to do that. Consequently, you may end up struggling to save your marriage at the age you should have been enjoying it. The couples who start early enjoy more at the latter stage of their marriages. At that stage, they would have ironed out their differences.

Limiting the growing number of divorce

One of the common evils of marriage is divorce. Many homes have broken up because of some problems that are preventable. Some rush into marriages even when they do not have what it takes to do so. Some go late into marriages having already had all that it takes. Whichever way, those two categories of people stand the chance of adding to the cases of divorce. If one goes into marriage very early, one may go out of it as early as one goes in. He or she who lacks certain experiences will find it difficult to maintain his or her home.

In the same vein, if one goes into marriage very late, one may find it difficult to sustain one’s marriage. He or she who has too many experiences will find it difficult to cope with others. To prevent the two situations, one will have to stir a middle course. One should go into marriage when one has little experience about it. And that is within the age-limit set above. That way, one will not constitute the number of people who increase divorce figures.

In addition, experience alone is not enough to go into marriage. They will need other things such as little financial strength too. Having no financial source before getting married may reduce one’s marriage span. Waiting to get extremely rich too could eventually harm one’s marriage. In a normal situation, one tends to be in a balanced condition within the set age-limit.

Being in an ideal state of health for marriage activities

A number of activities often accompany marriage. And to set for such activities, one needs to be within a particular age-limit. One of those after-marriage activities is sex. Thus, the sensible age at which to engage in an enjoyable sexual activity is between the set age-limit. At that stage, there will be enough strength to stand up to the task. Both partners will be able to satisfy each other. A young person who is in his or her early 20’s may have not been ready for such activity. Again, a person in his or her 40’s may have lost the strength to cope longer. Between being in late 20’s and early 30’s, one will be in a very strong sate of health to do that.

Another after-marriage activity is childbearing. Biologically, the best age for a woman to give birth falls within the set age-limit. That is because they will need youthful strength during a childbearing process. And old women sometimes do not find that process easy. So, women need to get married early to prevent such situation.

Quick reaping of labour’s fruits

The prayer and hope of every parent is to reap the fruits of their labour. And one thing that could stop the prayer is late marriage. Early marriage, however, could push the prayer. If one gets married late, it will be late before one gets children. And one may have to nurture them with old age. So, by the time those children grow up, one would have become older. To prevent that ugly situation, one needs to marry early. At the early age, one will be in a good health. And one will have the power to support them, financially.

Early marriage increases one’s chance of enjoying the success of one’s child(ren). Grow with your children so as to be able to enjoy when you grow old.

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