Why do relationships fail?

Love is an emotion that cannot be described in words. When two people are in a relationship, while things are common, things are also personal. This bond of two souls being together and becoming one has great depth. A relationship is delicate and no matter how strong it gets, both partners always have to take care of small things that will always remain delicate. You must have across many relationships. While some of them are a huge success, there are many that unfortunately fail. Have you ever wondered why do relationships fail? Why is it that two people who have been madly in love for so long have to separate?

There are several reasons that contribute to the break-up of a relationship, many of which vary from couple to couple. However, there are also some very common reasons:

A couple is wondering why relationships fail?

1. Lack of communication

It is communication that brings two people together. All the understanding and trust develops from communication. In the beginning, when everything is rosy, communication is often frequent. However, with time when the two people get used to each other, it often happens that people take things for granted and communication reduces. One must communicate all the good and all the bad no matter what!

2. Scattered priorities

When two people are in a relationship, priorities change and this change must be acknowledged and accepted. For the girl as well as the boy, life changes and requires one to adjust to these changes. No one of the partners can be selfish or be ignorant. Priorities are like a sign of how the relationship has changed your life.

When these priorities are scattered or begin to get scattered, the other partner begins to feel neglected and taken for granted. This is a very slow process but the damage it builds up is destructive.

3. Invasion of personal space

No matter how close you are to anybody, personal space is always a necessity for every individual. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you forget your or your partner’s individuality.

Often it happens that many couples expect each other to share each and everything at the time they want to listen to it. It is very important for people to understand that there might be times when the partner needs time to personally deal with it and when he/she is comfortable, nothing will be hidden. Keeping a close watch on each other’s activities, dictating the friend circles and movements is like an attack on individualism. If you have an issue with something or something bothers you, it is must that you calmly discuss the matter without forcing your opinion onto your partner.

4. Trust

Trust is like the pillar on which a relationship is built. While one partner might hide something because of reasons like not wanting to hurt the other partner, the other partner might feel unwanted and neglected. Hiding things is never a way of being in a relationship. No matter how bitter the truth is, transparency is a necessity for a successful relationship.

Once this trust starts to deteriorate, the relationship is therefore doomed to end sooner or later.

5. The past which does not remain in the past!

This is one of the main reasons why most relationships break. Often it happens that the past becomes so present in the present that one of the partners begins to feel that his/her partner is not over the ‘ex’. Talking about your past or talking about your exes is the biggest mistake to make in a relationship. While it is very important to tell your partner all he should know about your past, frequently talking about the past is the biggest turn-off!

6. Understand, and if you don’t, don’t fight!

Clashes are common and arguments are absolutely natural but this can be the reason of the relationship ending if these arguments and fights go overboard. While some say that fights bring you closer, frequent fights can be the reason of you separating! It is very important that you understand your partner’s frame of mind before you start getting annoyed. Relationships are like a source of peace. Whenever you have a bad day, it is with your love that you sit and have a nice conversation and find peace. Nobody wants to be in a relationship that is a constant source of tension. Frequent fights and arguments also deteriorate the essence of being in love and defeat the entire concept of understanding. Never support the wrong and never tolerate anything wrong, but also never choose to argue for something you can peacefully sort out.

7. Lack of respect

No matter how long you have been with your partner, respect is a must! respecting each other’s decisions, each other’s choices, and most importantly each other’s reasons is a must! without respect, there is no love!

Here you must understand that respect should not be more for one gender and less for the other. Both partners deserve equal respect in all terms. Often it happens that when couples stay together for very long, they start taking things for granted and that is where they start losing respect for each other.

8. Ego and the feeling of being superior

Love has no place for ego. Whenever ego comes in the way, the relationship has a painful end. When two people are in a relationship, both of them are equal. No one is superior. Many times it happens that one of the partner’s starts feeling superior due to the income and other such factors. Remember, love is never measured in terms of materialistic things. It is an abstract emotion that needs to be nurtured and valued.

Wrong choices, lack of understanding, and failure to commit are also a few reasons why do relationships fail.

However, true love is what keeps two people together. If two people want to stay with each other, they must always value each other and even after commitment, never ever take their partner for granted.

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