Bedroom tips and tricks for great sex

When you are dating, it is important to spice things up; communication, time spent together, and of course, sex! If sex feels the same way each time, there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. What’s the point of having sex when it feels like watching an old movie over and over again?

People who have figured out how to have great sex often have the best relationship. They understand what to say and do in bed. These ones know the tips and tricks for great sex, and as a result, sex for them can never be boring, not even for a second! Here are these tips and tricks;

A couple is applying bedroom tips and tricks for great sex

1. Surprise them

You can never go wrong if you incorporate surprise during sex. If you have regular sex with the person you are dating, they know how you moan, how you touch them, and even how you orgasm! Why not take them by surprise and have them thinking they are having sex with someone new!

Surprise the person you are dating by doing new things in bed. Learn a new way to give head. Roleplay. Try different positions. Rub chocolate on their body and slowly lick it off. There are so many new things to do. Find what works and blow them away. 

2. Use positions that make your penis and vagina size match

The reason a lot of people don’t have great sex is that the penis and vagina do not match. The vagina is either too big or small for the penis or vice versa. An excellent way to solve this problem and have great sex is to use positions that flatter the penis and vagina size. 

If the penis is too small, try positions like a pile driver, doggy, reverse cowgirl, sofa side-saddle, flexed doggy, and other similar positions that allow for deep penetration. If the penis is too small, or the vagina too tight, try positions like flying V, reverse back cowgirl, seated straddle, reverse spoon, and other similar positions that stop the penis from penetrating too deep and being uncomfortable. 

3. Try ice

Using ice during sex is not only for Hollywood movies. Try it in bed, and you and the person you are dating will never forget the experience. There are so many things you can do in bed with an ice cube, let your imagination run wide!

You can put it in your mouth while giving them head. The cold sensation on their genitals drives them crazy! You can rub it on their inner thigh, neck, nipples, and other erroneous zones. 

4. Communicate your need

Communication during sex (or anywhere else) is a skill that can never fail you. The person you are dating may have many abilities, but the ability to read minds is not one of them. Tell them where you want to be touched and how. Tell them when to stop, and when to go hard. Also, encourage them to communicate their own needs. 

If you communicate and listen, your days of bad sex are over. 

5. Flirt heavily beforehand

Setting the mood before sex is a good way to prepare your body for what is coming. Flirt heavily beforehand. Let it be the major thing in your mind beforehand, so when it eventually happens, sexual performance will be great.

Exchange dirty text messages. Remind them of previous sexual experiences with them. Send sexy pictures of you. ‘Mistakenly’ brush your hands against their boobs or dick. Give them strong sexual hints. Don’t let thoughts of your body and what you’d do to theirs leave their mind.  

6. Use your mouth

You can’t use your mouth enough during sex. There are so many things you can do with it that’d make the person you are dating have explosive orgasms. Kiss, lick and suck.  

No matter what you do with your mouth, make sure your partner is enjoying it. In bed, different strokes for different folks.

7. Do it somewhere adventurous.

Have you and the person you are dating been having sex in the bedroom alone all along? Take a minute to apologize to yourselves. You’ve been doing your bodies a great disservice.

Spice things up by having sex in new places; the shower, kitchen, car, even outdoor! Try it in places you never thought you would, and feel the rush of adrenaline and the resulting intense orgasm. 

8. Toys

Use sex toys to add fun to your sex life and enhance the quality of sex. There are varieties of sex toys for different sensations, you’d be so glad you brought them to bed. You can use them on your partner or watch as they pleasure themselves with them. There are also sex toys you and the one you are dating can use at the same time.

9. Orgasm games

To have great sex, you have to be as creative as you can. It is also good to be selfless. Let your partner’s orgasm be your priority, and yours be theirs. There are lots of games to play to ensure this.

For instance, let there be a price for the person who gives the other the most or fastest orgasm. It could be deciding the venue for your next date, or whatever works most for your relationship.

10. Be vocal

There is nothing to be ashamed of during sex. Be as vocal and expressive as you can. Let your moan hit the roof. Tell your partner how they are driving you crazy, how perfect their body is, or how you are enjoying what they are doing to you.

11. Masturbate and have them watch 

Touch yourself while the person you are dating watches. Apart from being enjoyable, it helps you to understand their body and how they’d rather be touched. Have them do the same while you watch. 

12. Music 

Setting the mood before and during sex is the way to go. Play mood music in the background while you hump on your partner’s body and have sex like it’s your last. You can also play fast and loud music when you want to go rough and hard.

The kind of sex you are having will decide what music you play.

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