Parents and relationship in one breath? It might get a little daunting for some of us. We always have doubts regarding this idea. We tend to overthink as well. Will they accept my counterpart? What if my partner fails to charm them? For once if we just clear our minds and not think about roses and not thorns.

Support from elders might work wonders for your relationship. When you get on the boat with another person and desire to sail far, you know there will be hardships. Slight turbulence or a tornado. You cannot foretell. You need to go and grow through “come what may”. As your parents and well-wishers, they will always be there like a guiding force. Getting advice from experts, people who have lived together for a couple of decades may help newbies, who have just started to inculcate values and remain sane and supportive of your partner. Wise words will make your bond stronger.



There is no such right time to let your parents know about your relationship. The call has to be taken on personal discretion. You know your parents in and out. Explicitly, you know how they are going to respond. Your parents might be all cool about relationships or it might cause them paranoia or something swinging in the middle. Different people require different kinds of pitching therefore you might need to a build-up before you let them know else might need to convince them to believe in you and your relationship, that you know, you doing good for yourself. Or be like “Mum, Dad, meet Alex. We are dating each other.” and see their face brimming with happiness. The scenario might differ a bit but usually falls in this bracket.


When Harry Met Sally

In today’s digital era, a lot of relationship start budding from the dating sites. By all means online dating serves to be convenient therefore major chunk of today’s world in search of a relationship have their accounts on dating sites. Free dating sites have the potential to get more and more people onboard.

Every profile has a bio that helps you learn some things about the person. Once you guys match. You can exchange texts for knowing each other better before you go on the first date. The first date followed by a few more dates till you fall for the person and want to be together. You dance around because your partner has said a “yes” to you.

A couple who grow together, learn together, show love and compassion, make time for each other make one happy couple, and a long-lasting relationship.

London! Paris! New York!

Love blossoms and you want to be with your partner a little bit more and want to hangout more together. Brunches and Dinner. Late-night movies and Early Morning rides. Gradually, you figure out more common stuff to do together.

You don’t anymore require to cook up stories and lie to your parents because they know you guys are together. Even if you return back home at odd times, probably, you won’t be questioned. Thus, saves you from a lot of mental tension.

Trips to amazing places around the globe might keep you away from your family for a few weeks. You get a helping hand at packing, advices that might help. Moreover, a smiling face to wave you bon voyage.

One thing that you will notice is your bond with your parents grow as well once you share things with them seeking genuine answers. You get to listen to anecdotes from their times. Therefore, adding a different perspective to your thoughts and vision. There’s an insane amount of happiness.

La La Land

The first trip together will be special with tons of memories that will always cling to you. Sometimes you try things that you don’t but your partner likes. Moreover, start enjoying it. There will be many experiences that you will live together as a couple for the first time. You get to know your partner better. Deep conversations. Late Night walks in the city. Chats over coffee.

The Ugly Truth

These might alter the perception of your partner that you were carrying for the longest. You might get intimidated or have second thoughts about the relationship.

The Fault in our stars

Call a friend? Everyone does that. Quite a possibility words from your friend might not help your relationship at times. For friends you are important. Your happiness and Your health. They might get biased. Also, your friends and you are exploring dating and relationship. You don’t fall far from each other.

Call mum and dad? Not everyone does that. Mum and dad can add perspectives to your self-created thought. Help you understand your partner’s stand. Make you learn acceptance. Paying attention to small details and not moving mountains is what it all requires. Rather than being mad at her/him, you might choose to introspect. The art of adjustment without losing the smell of individuality. You will love your partner as much as you love your parents.

Love Actually

A relationship goes through many ups and downs over a course of time. We are sometimes not in a mental frame to listen and understand the better-half. In addition to this, we let our assumptions and conclusions overpower which leads to misunderstanding. Certainly, a couple with two-decade-long experience will let you learn through their mistakes, rather than making you live through them. Listen. Understand. Accept. Forgive. Love. Live happily ever after.

The relationship is not all roses or all thorns but something torn between them. Wise words from your parents will help you enjoy the best of it and grow from the worst of it.

Eventually, you blossom to be a wonderful partner. Not only that. But a beautiful human being and a responsible child. Finally, you learn what love actually is.

Meet your partner on one of the free online dating sites. Pour in heart. Garner it with love and care. Anecdotes and episodes from your mum’s life. Learning and lessons from your dad’s life. Beautiful experiences and memories to cherish. Long-lasting relationships.

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