Three pillars of a romantic relationship

After meeting someone hot on a free dating website, hopefully, you will officially start a relationship with that person soon. If you are a woman looking for love, this article will show you exactly how to maintain the three pillars of a romantic relationship!

A dating couple shows pillars of a romantic relationship

Pillar 1: Emotional connection

Create cute nicknames that only you two understand.

A strong emotional connection is the foundation of a real relationship. After having a few dates with a guy from a free dating site, you can create meaningful words that only you and this guy understand. This will build an emotional connection under the radar. Please let me explain.

 For example, if you think this guy will love it, you can give him a very flattering nickname like ‘Professor Paul’ or ‘Prince Pat’. Surely, when it comes to which nickname to select, this depends on the context when you would like to give him a cute nickname. Now, this guy begins to think you are much more interesting than his dull ex who simply called him ‘Paul’/’Pat’ or ‘darling’.

Talk about subjects that your partner is passionate about.

No, this isn’t about pleasing a man. Frankly, it is all about creating a gem-stone effect so that this guy will want to please you. 

You would be well-advised to look like a lady and behave like a lady at all times. However, you should totally think like a man! The majority of ladies cannot discuss intelligent topics that guys are passionate about. Therefore, when he hears things close to his heart coming from your red lips, he will start to believe that you are the most attractive woman alive. Common topics that men are very interested in: culture, business, finance, entrepreneurship, etc.

It’s a tease (push & pull).

This is the most underrated technique in many fields, e.g. dating, marketing, and so on. In terms of using this important technique in dating & relationships, I can show you some great examples:

1) You have a coffee date with this guy from the free dating site this afternoon. Yet you must go to a dinner party at 7 pm. Hence, you have to end the date earlier.

2) As you’re spending quality time with this guy, you are totally into it. Nevertheless, when his attention strays, you’re gone. Now you must attend a dinner party elsewhere.

3) When he starts to take you for granted, you should book a trip away for 1 week (either with a female friend or alone). Just say this to him, “There is nothing serious, Prince Pat. Only for some R&R.”

Note that this isn’t playing hard to get. You are a strong woman; you are hard to get. As the saying goes, ‘You cannot be too hard to get, or the cat loses interest’. So you should be affectionate and loving. Meanwhile, you are also busy and have high standards.

Pillar 2: intimacy

If the relationship with the guy from the free dating website goes well, it’s time to be intimate with him! Please note that good sex is much more than intercourse. Actually, it’s an art form.  

Use your eyes to undress him.

You are a naughty vixen whose eyes can do much more than simply looking at this hot guy. As you’re sitting in a café or restaurant with him, you can use your eyes to scan his attractive body unapologetically. As your eyes meet, just let your eyes travel south. Start from his shoulders, work your way down his athletic chest. And then linger several seconds on his belt. After finishing the scrutiny, you slowly but surely look up into his seductive eyes. Then reward him with a cheeky smile which indicates your approval.  

Chances are this guy hasn’t experienced this type of seduction before, as most ladies would not have the courage to do this in a public venue. Yet as a matter of fact, do you really think others in the café or restaurant are literally looking at where your beautiful eyes are traveling to? Do those people actually care? Do you care what some random strangers think of you? 

The power of the build-up: 

Truthfully, good sex begins before going to bed. Never underestimate the power of the tantalizing build-up. We know the best part of a film is the ending (the climax). However, without the exciting build-up, the climax of the film is not meaningful. Actually, the guy from the free dating site would like to watch the whole film rather than just the ending. It is the sexy build-up that makes the ending wonderful.

A lot of individuals think foreplay is the build-up & orgasm is the climax. Yet I think the build-up literally begins before foreplay. This can take place anywhere, at any time. You could start the build-up when you are still having dinner in the dining room.

Pillar 3: Mutual benefits

The third pillar is something that most people don’t want to talk about. But it’s definitely the most important pillar of all. That’s because a lack of mutual benefits is the real reason why most relationships don’t work. Let me explain. 

Let’s say you’ve met an attractive man from the free dating site and everything seems to go well. But this guy doesn’t have a job and needs you to pay his bills. In this case, you two do not have mutual benefits. Even though you may say yes to his request initially because the other two pillars in this relationship are solid. But in the long term, this relationship will not work because money is the No. 1 reason for divorce in almost every country. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, the most basic level of human needs is food and shelter. The second level of human needs is safety, including financial security. The third level of human needs is love. When the second level of needs is not met, nobody wants to pursue the third level of human needs.

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