Is it attachment, love or the fear to walk alone?


There always comes a point in dating when you want to know your partner’s feeling without asking.  So, if you are stuck at that stage this might help you out.

`Everyone wants to be loved. Holding hands, cuddles, warmth, fancy dates are the things we all want. (Thanks to all of the Hollywood romantic movies)  But sometimes we so much want to be in a fairy tale that we confuse it with hookup or friendliness. And that is, undoubtedly, a scary phase. When you are head over heels in love with someone but aren’t sure about your partner’s sentiments. But how exactly can we distinguish between attachment, love, or illusion about someone?   

For all those who are unsure about the fate of their relationship; don’t worry we got the solution for all of your confusion.

Here some important points are given below which can prove very helpful to get your mind clear:

Eye contact

You might find this entry a bit mainstream and filmy. But it surely is the best tool to know whether that person is into you or not. So, if you guys are hanging out together in the group and he or she looks at you whenever something unusual happens. Then, voila! He is 100% interested in you. According to a study, it is revealed that when something funny happens you always look at the person you like the most. 

So, next time if you guys happen to be in a group, you must observe how often you two catch eyes on each other. You will get your answer.


It is a well-known fact that whenever someone likes you, you will become the center of the universe for them. You receive fast replies, even on the dumbest stuff. They will watch you doing tiny chores and even praise you for your small accomplishments. Also, they ensure that they are available to you each time whenever you need them. You will catch yourself chatting to them frequently. So, yeah if you have got attention then boom! Life is holding something worthy for you.

Casual touches

Touch is something that every living being desire, need, want. It won’t be wrong to say that your presence is the consequence of a touch. We always tend to have physical touch with the person that we like, isn’t it so? Be it holding hands, putting hands around their waist, causal hugs, or even crossing fingers on a tea table. 

If someone can’t keep his hands off you (even after having sex) then yes, you definitely got his back.

Uses same languages 

For some who adores you into bits, you will often find them using your language. Also, acting in the way you do. There is the Mirror Neuron System in the brain which helps us to adapt the gestures, personality, and traits of the person. It aids to copy them unconsciously and develops an intimate relationship.

So, if you find someone, adopting your style then it simply means that they are impressed by you. However, it’s not important that the person always acknowledges this because the fear of rejection is always here. That’s why you have to be intelligent enough to figure it out yourself. Good Luck!

Remembers small details

To remember the small details, even the unimportant stuff about anyone indicates likeness. These days specifically, one hardly remembers himself. So, if you get someone who always remembers tinnie tiny details about you then what else is needed?

Interestingly, you’ll always find them dedicated to ensuring that you have a safe, efficient, and fun time around them. They will do literally anything to make you happy and contented. Again, your deductive skills are much needed to get into a serious relationship. The black clouds of being ignored never sigh.


Well, it may seem a bit unusual entry in our list. But it definitely is the crisp of any relationship. People often tease those a lot with whom they have really good compatibility. It may seem a bit irritating at times, but it is not. It is just that they enjoy being around you. And they want to make you laugh as much as possible. Which is a blessing in today’s world, isn’t it? Especially when the fuss of life makes it almost impossible for us to even smile. 

So, if someone is making you laugh then it is a good hint. Go with it if you really want that person in your life. But if this sounds too creepy then you got to let them go. However, if you enjoy this then it might mean that they are not creepers but a good keeper.

Frequent questioning 

Whenever one wants to know someone they ask “getting to know you” questions. But the questions that they ask are not about science, politics, or global warming. Instead, their questions are more likely of the sort which will give them an in-depth impression of yours. Their questions will be like what kind of things inspire you? Or how have you dealt with past traumas? Or what scares or excites you the most?

Their queries will be more emphasized on knowing who you are. It certainly means that they like you and are looking forward to having something with you!


Congratulations! If you think that you have someone who has all these attributes or maximum of them. Now be sure about your partner and step out and arrange a date whilst getting things to a point.

To those who have not scored well, it is never too late to find true love. So, pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and try to figure out the story for yourself. 

For all those who are trying to find a good match, it is never impossible. Stay strong, keep your spirits high, and wait for the one. As well please don’t lose hope. Always remember, men, think about things differently from women. Maybe the person in your head, who attempted this quiz, will propose to you very soon. Because you never know what the future really holds!

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