Online Dating Trends During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The world has come to a halt. Suddenly, those who were too busy, handling their businesses and professions are now at home, free, and stuck. Now, many single and career-oriented persons realise that they have had boring lives all along. They wake to smell the coffee that they have no other life outside work. For many men and women, this time is a realisation that they need love in their lives. Coronavirus remains a world-class disease that has brought the world to a halt. Many people know that this will pass and everything would be over soon, hopefully. However, minds have changed; people have seen the need to plan for the future, as quickly as possible. ‘Lifetime’ doesn’t seem like a very long time anymore. Having a lover, a family, and a bosom to fall back to now makes sense to several people. In these trying times, various survey organisations are collecting data to determine dating trends and measure love. Here are some of the dating trends during the coronavirus lockdown in the year 2020.

Dating During the Coronavirus Lockdown

More people are signing up on online dating apps.

Realising that they are alone and bored, many people try to get a shot at love. They are signing up on various dating sites and dating apps. They aren’t just signing up, are updating their profiles and constantly browsing through multiple profiles for the right match. It may be shocking to know that people who were married before the lockdown are also contributing to the growing number of new members.

The reason behind this is logical; spouses are spending more times with their partners and realise that their partners have changed, but they have not been able to notice because they were busy. China takes the lead baton in the trend of ‘corodivorces’.

People are investing in conversation and engagement

As the number of online dating app users keep rising, many people are using this lockdown opportunity to scout for a partner whom they can talk to and find reasonable. This trend becomes reasonable because the lockdown has discouraged movement. Hence, online dating partners are able to engage in honest and frank conversations, without sex and romance blurring their visions. This investment in communications is helping to build trustful and last-impacting relationships. This is a good thing because partners would be able to grow from being digital buddies into friends and then to taking their relationship to the next level.

Pop-up Social Distance Messages

Online dating sites and dating apps and dating sites have coronavirus messages on pop-ups. Although some users find it irritating and complain, this is a timely and needed warning in these precarious times. In fact, some platforms’ AI automatically send pop-up messages of “stay safe, stay home,” once terms such as “hook-up,” “hang out,” “meet,” are used by the parties involved in chats.

Virtual dates:

It is not so much known if there had ever been many virtual dates as much as the world has come to experience during the ‘stay home stay safe saga’. Lovers who met on various online dating sites are using audio-visual platforms to communicate with one another. These channels do not just allow them to see their lovers and talk, but they have also become platforms to date and party. Having parties online never seemed to make much sense until coronavirus told the world that “in the digital age, nothing shall be impossible.” Spouses organise dates with drinks and foods, while they make live video chat with their partners, talk, eat, and merry, with distance in between.

There are still risk-takers

Most dating sites know that their users now have time at their disposal. They strongly recommend that people should not meet but practice social distancing. Nonetheless, some users disregard the warnings, claiming to be drunk in love; they have physical hook-ups. These are risk-takers. Some of them feel they have found their love and can’t wait to meet with them. Others are only eager to get laid. This is a common trend that some of these people share on social media.

More use of In-App videos:

Since physical meetings are impossible, virtual communications become durable options. Most online daters use the in-app video to communicate. A few of the popular dating sites have noticed that more people use their in-app video options. Albeit, conversations happen on some other video apps for dating sites without in-app video feature. For privacy and ease of accountability, many people prefer to use in-app videos on the dating site. The video engagements serve purposes such as setting familiarity, date, and romance.

Digital romance

There is a soar in the trend of digital romance. Many people with active sex lives have taken to digital romance, getting and showing love over the internet. Even, some new lovers that hooked up online during the corona lockdown have their romance booming online. The romance includes love talks, naughty talks, sex chats through messages and videos.

Steady communication flow on online dating sites

Some of free dating sites have reeled out numbers, claiming that people whose accounts have been inactive in a long time are now in use. These numbers are not just in hundreds of them; they climb to thousands. Well, this is not just for free dating sites; premium dating sites also have members waking up their dormant accounts. Interestingly, the usage of the platforms has been steady, unlike the low usage typical of this period of the year.

More Advertisement

It may be surprising also to discover that online dating sites are intensifying their advertisement. Certain people noticed the approach isn’t “looking for a date?” anymore. Ad trends now follow lines such as “what would your life be after the coronavirus issue is over?” Well, no matter the strategy, finding love in this time when most people are free is essential. It is better than various online challenges that are being passed about on different social media platforms.

There you have them, the trend to online dating during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown.

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