How to meet new people?: 6 tips to help you easily make new friends

To become true friends, you need to first get to know each other. Next, don’t forget to keep in touch after having a good impression on the first day of the meeting. If you are not good at communication, do not worry, because will offer you tips on how to meet new people and what you need to easily integrate, get along with everyone.

6 tips to help you easily make new friends

Know what you need

Before you start interacting, talking to strangers, you should take some time to think about the reason why you want to make more new friends. Because you feel too lonely so you need someone to talk to or want to go out or join the party with friends.

6 tips to help you easily make new friends This is the most important step in the journey to find new friends because it will suggest the place to find the right friend.

Join social networks

Social networking is a great, useful tool to maintain old relationships and open up many opportunities to make new friends. Through it, we can find people with similar interests and passions to learn and establish lasting friendships.

Connect with people who have many friends

The easiest way to meet more new friends is to be with people who have lots of friends. Make friends, get acquainted with them wherever you are like school, work…Since then, the search to establish more friendships is no longer too difficult.

Should be close with classmates, colleagues

Don’t forget to make friends with people who spend most of their time with them, which is their classmates and colleagues. They may possess many things in common, similarities that you did not expect. Don’t be too nervous, suggest going out together, visiting after stressful and tiring working hours.

How to meet new people and make a good impression

Besides, it’s easy to organize group meetings for everyone to feel comfortable, happy, easy to approach, get to know each other better.

Reconnect with old friendship

In each person’s life, at least we have a good friend but for some reason gradually, friendship fades over the years. However, if you now want to find those good memories again, feel free to take them easy, slowly take them back.

Find people with similar interests

Although it may sound familiar but most people find new friends forget this problem. However, in fact, it is quite easy to associate with people with similar personalities and interests through clubs and teams that have become quite widespread and popular today. Besides, there are many apps on this phone. Be sincere, friendship will come around us.

Ways to make a good impression with a new relationship

Instead of criticizing, appreciate others

99% of us do not like to be around people who often criticize and rarely appreciate the good things of others.

Dale Carnegie wrote in his book “How to win hearts and minds” that it does not make sense to criticize others, criticism makes the other person leave you more. Criticism seriously hurts others and self-esteem will lead to resentment.

People tend to reward good deeds and condemn bad deeds. Hans Selye once said that people are afraid of being condemned, but at the same time they desire to recognize the good points. Therefore, criticizing a person you just met will surely bring about a serious failure to build a long-term relationship.

Ways to make a good impression with a new relationship

Make others feel they are important

The desire to be ‘important’ is one of humanity’s greatest needs. It is as important as food, clothing and shelter. Sir Sigmund Freud once called it “desire to be great”. Desires, once fulfilled, can bring huge results in your first conversation. An individual who is satisfied with this important need will form a life-long bond. After all, who doesn’t like to be praised? And this is increasingly appreciated.

You can put aside your desire to be important when you want to interact with others. While meeting new people, always make them feel they are the center of the conversation. This creates a reciprocal feeling of respect and attracts others to hear whatever you want to say. Remember, however, that the goal is not to flatter to an unrealistic level. Do not say the last words of the lips or flattering things that are not true.

There is tolerance, balance and determination!

One of the last and perhaps the most important tips. How to meet new people? you must have the courage to step outside, interact and start chatting. If you stay in your own safe area, it will not help you much when meeting new people. At the same time, stay calm, panic is the enemy.

Make others feel they are important

Believe in yourself, because that’s all it takes to get connected with others.

Know what others are interested in

“The way to a person’s heart is to talk about the things he values ​​most”. Talking about what others care about is opening a conversation to another level, you will have the opportunity to connect with people, learn about their interests and simply learn more about them. When you catch up with other people’s enthusiasm, it’s almost always a great conversation. So having a full knowledge of what others care about will help you gain confidence and meet new people for lasting connections.

So it’s easy to meet new people and make great friends if you follow the tips above.

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