Is Online Dating Successful in India?

India is a land of stories. So, it does not come as a surprise- that even a topic as new as dating sites has a lot of different narrations! On the one hand, we continuously find people who are meeting their soulmates on popular online dating sites, and on the other hand, there are a host of people who have seen nothing but creeps in their entire “matching” escapade. But is something as free and open as online dating sites really as embraceable by India as we feel? Let’s uncover the truth.

Is online dating successful, especially in India? Are people rely on those dating apps

A game of ideologies and culture

India has been penetrated by internet culture. Easy availability of 3G, 4G, and our next guest-5G means ease of access to the Internet. We mean that we are truly heading towards an ultimately ‘Digital India’. So, it means there are plenty of opportunities to find people and have your chance at online dating. What may come as a hindrance though are, of course, the mindsets we grow up with! As a country, we are still progressing, and for most parents, it isn’t very easy to understand how even online dating sites can offer an ideal connection.

Infact, it is our way of arranging meetups… and who knows, the connection may also be better than the whole love and arrange a dilemma that you may be looking for! While it is a challenge to navigate the entire conservative mindset, we would like to believe that more and more people are making their decisions and moving towards options that they find worth trying! So, we have a long way to go- but we are heading their culturally- one match at a time!


Millennial generation has found their way

India is ruled by millennials at the moment! We are the generation of hookups, but we are also the generation of heart breaks. Casual may seem too casual, until it does turn into commitment. Basically, it is no more a streamline for people. Earlier generations had a game plan set where the ultimate goal was marriage by 25. However, the current generation loves its buffet before settling down for its ‘dal chawal’ for life. So, with online dating sites, they get this option. The point is- when you have to hit it off with the right person, you would never need to meet any other option. But, on the other hand; just compromising and settling out of vulnerability is not an option for the millennials. So, in India- at least this particular generation has embraced the idea of dating sites and many have found people matching to their exact preferences too!

Networking is the buzzword for all problems

While our lives are getting more and more hectic and we feel the need to keep our social image high; very few of us actually want to get out there and make the effort. Since the internet and networking apps have become so easy; most people are surviving relationships based on pure networking. The idea is to have someone intimate to you while not necessarily always being there for them physically. With online dating sites, you can definitely look at the virtual personality of an individual and connect with them. This way, even if you all are not able to give each other time through your busy schedules, you would still have a chance to enjoy your new exciting relationship.

A yes for many, a no for some- personal perspective

It is not only casual fun anymore. There are a lot of people in India also who are understanding how building relationships on online dating sites does not take away anything from their personal time and goals. They can build relationships at their own pace. However, the kind of culture we come from- a part of our nation still has affinity to regressiveness. So, it is very difficult to understand what the mentality of the guy or girl you are dating is! If we go by stereotypes, most males just want to have casual fun while women would directly look for some sort of serious commitment; if they find the connection worth them. This is not to say that every man or every woman thinks the same way! Hence, it all boils down to the individual perspectives- but the mentality is changing quite drastically and we are glad; that most people have taken their love lives in their own hands with the help of online dating sites.  

Safety is a hazard, but is it really?


One of the most major issues with India that women face, especially with online dating is security and safety. While in most metro cities it is still better, the condition in certain belts of the country makes it tough for women to be more open about a concept like using dating sites. But, that’s what we recommend! That with a platform like ours, you will only find verified profiles. Here in, you can choose the right option- meet them in a group place first. Get intimate only after you have started trusting them, so that you are not caught up in any unpleasant event. With a little safety measures, you most definitely can make full use of the wondrous world that online dating entails!

Our verdict

Our verdict is basically that India is progressing and the idea of meeting your soulmate online through free dating sites isn’t as alien as we make it out to be! However, we still recommend- that safety comes first! Go on a trusted portal. Ensure that the reviews point towards safety of the app. Read through the experiences before you make a final decision! We would always recommend that before you meet, chat on the app- understand the habits and then make a plan to meet. Meet in a crowded place and then take it ahead from there! Dating sites may just be the Cupid you need, if you are ready to give a chance to a new relationship in your life!

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