Can Your Relationship Survive After Cheating?

‘God, I made a big mistake. Now I am apprehending that I loved my partner from the bottom of my heart. Shame! I cheated, what can I do to fix everything?’ If the relationship can survive after cheating? If it is something you can relate to, you are on the right page. People do cheat in their relationships and trust me, it is true. You are not the only one who, after doing so, is feeling bad. Well, to be very frank, it happens most of the time. I agree that apart from your local zone, your reach for finding true love has dramatically increased with the dating sites. And, it is all the matter of your age and attraction towards certain things that sometimes makes you helpless to fall for the other person.

Okay, I know you are already so much stressed out. So, let us understand the situation gradually. After you are here and reading this specific piece of content one thing is clear, you want your partner back like anything! Believe it, this is good. While a lot of people cheat in their relationships, only a few feel like this and make their efforts to save it.

Considerably, if you are ready to follow what I suggest to you, there is a big possibility your relationship will survive. Exactly, let’s move on to some great steps. Wait, try to understand the intensity and close the dating sites you have still open in incognito mode! LOL, just kidding to cheer you up. ūüėČ

The girl supposes that her relationship can not survive after cheating 

Find the spark

Now, it’s time to understand why you wish to survive your relationship when you already tried to move out. Yes, you tried, and that is why you cheated! But, as you want your love back, without which you can’t even sleep and eat properly, you should find out the spark that connects both of you. Think about something really special that you both loved about each other. Any specific habit or any specific thing that made you both realize initially that yes, this is the person I want. Well, for me, I like my partner hugging me with a cute smile and rubbing my back each time we meet. And, believe it, this thing automatically solves 70% of our cat-fights even when we decide to meet only to fight! It happens with all of us and, it is natural too. Thus, don’t let the clouds of sorrow surround you and bring their rain out of your eyes!

Talk about it

I understand, you really love your partner, and can’t escape the truth why after it, you start falling for the other person! Well, it is normal. It happens with most of us, and this is what we call as ‘attraction. It is the attraction only that works and connects millions of people daily through dating sites. Understand, what is gone is gone, you can’t change that. Try to gather all your courage and tell your partner about your intention to talk about it. Frankly, telling your partner you cheated is never going to be an easy task. Prepare yourself in all possible ways and try your best to convey your real feelings.

Be on your toes

Exactly, that is no easy game. You can’t be someone who cheated and dominating the situation in your own way. Be on your toes, and put the anger out of your mind. Let your partner burst on you, and listen to what extent the things are going. Understand, you need to put your best attempts to bring the person back in your life, so don’t argue and try to feel what it would be like if it had happened vice-versa! You will have to listen to a lot of things that may hurt your ego. At some points, you will feel like, “Enough is enough, how can you talk to me like that?”, but all you have to do is to stay calm and support your partner. Remember, it is an equally disturbing phase for both of you.

Understand the gap

Tell your partner about the love that is still in your heart, and only love is responsible for why you are trying to save the relationship. Disclose what made you fall for the other person and how you are going to fix it for the future. If it is something about care and giving more time, you can promise, or take the promise to work on it. Let your partner know that it is the extra care you want that sometimes makes you feel sad when not received. Further, as you know your things more than me, try to figure out what is left and can be helpful for you. I hope that I have surely added something to your knowledge!

Follow up

Here comes the most crucial step to follow, and believe, this is where most of the couples fail. The normal tendency is, as soon as they discuss everything, they get into a depressing phase leaving each other with a lot of distances. I suggest you not to take this into account. Yes, I understand it gets disheartening, but you have to follow up with your partner to stir the love again! And, it is only you who can do it. Here’s a pro tip from me- you can ask your partner’s best friend to help you deal and take her/him out at a cafe! BFF goals, right! Just an example, I know you can do much better in it. ¬†

Markedly, love is the most powerful bond, but sometimes it becomes so sensitive that even a few words or situations are enough to break its strings. With all your positive efforts, if your relationship survives, be very careful with your talks and actions; you will be put on high surveillance by your partner! Well, that is my experience I am sharing. Though I never cheated, but have seen my friends dealing with the situation.

So, I hope I have helped you well with my suggestions. If you like it, don’t forget to spread the word! XOXO

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