The conversation is a combination of words and dialogues based on thoughts and ideas. A good conversation is an art that has the potential to lead a relationship in any direction one wants to. This social construct plays a vital role in the creation and maintenance of relationships. Moreover, it helps to explore a person you’re talking to and to share your feelings and emotions with your loved ones. The most important question raises in the mind of guys using the dating sites is “how to start a conversation with a girl”. Well, in this article we will discuss some intriguing ways to start a conversation online. It will help you to talk to any woman online and get her laid with you as soon as possible.

A couple is starting conversation online

1. Preparing The Base

The 1st way to initiate a conversation is to get prepare yourself and approach a woman. You’ve to adopt a positive mental attitude instead of a scarcity mindset. It is a fact that numerous gorgeous girls are sexually frustrated, and maybe more interested in talking to you than you even realize. Interestingly, almost every next hot girl gets approached by a guy.

2. Compliments – The Best Conversation Starters

The flirtatious conversation is among the best way to interact with any girl online. It involves complimenting her. To pass a compliment a technique called “Observational Openers” is the most effective one. Women love to be praised because it always makes them feel special. A genuine and polite compliment is one of the best ways to create a home in the heart of women.

Compliments work as great conversation starters because they instantly create a gateway between you and the recipient. It is effective as it generates a willingness to participate in your conversation. It’s recommended to be specific and genuine while coming out of with a compliment.

3. Use A Pickup Line

A pickup line is another effective way to initiate a conversation. A good pickup line helps to grab the attention and develop an interest in a girl. Never be shy! Be bold and confident while delivering a pickup line. Moreover, while delivering a pickup line, avoid using anything too cheesy or creepy.

4. Crack A Joke

Opening a conversation with a joke is another intriguing way to start a conversation online. A joke can bring a smile on a face. Moreover, it will instantly create a sympathetic connection with a person you want to interact with. It also provides an opportunity to lead the conversation to your ultimate desire. It is advised to use a clean joke that relates to your intended topic of conversation.

5. Ask A Favor

A psychological trick many dating pro-players use is “asking for a favor”. This trick automatically flickers a connection with that person. Other than that, you’ll find that person being more open. A general question including a small favor is one of the best ways you can use on dating sites.

6. A Straight Forward Introduction

A straight forward introduction is another way to break the ice. Professionals with some stimulating credentials prefer this way to interact with girls. A genuine, polite, and decent Introduction is one of the straight forward techniques to interact with the girl.

7. Ask An Interesting Question

Posing a thought-provoking question helps to initiate a conversation. It allows the girl to speak her mind. This way of starting a conversation provides a girl a chance to express herself. You just have to give a good remark in return and talk on mutual interests. This trick is best way to interact with anyone on online dating sites.

8. Common Interests & Common Friends Always Work

Mentioning a common friend or talking about a hobby or an interest you’ve in common are some helpful ways to melt the ice. Even if you are a stranger, this trick will help you to no longer seem an unfamiliar person. It not only creates openness but also creates a connection too. Common interest is conversational gold and always works to establish a bonding.

9. Start With Weather Or Upcoming Event

Commenting on weather and mentioning an upcoming event are among the safest ways to start your conversation online. If the girl is nature friendly, then you can talk something related to weather to grab her attention. If the girl seems to be interested in music, parties, or festivals then comment on an upcoming event to get her excited. Both of these tricks create a rapport between two and a perfect way to enter into a dialogue.

10. Ask A Question About Work

Some people ask a question related to her work to start the conversation. If you want to use this trick you have to be aware of the common grounds. Ask her thoughtful questions about her work to get the conversation flowing. It’s the best trick if you’re into friends with benefits.


11. Discussing The Experiences

Girls love to share their experiences. It is advisable to mention or comment on any shared experience. It will establish a personal connection. This bonding will open a gateway for you to explore the person next to you.

12. Don’t Be Fake Ever

While communicating your body language, communicative style, etiquette, and gestures matter a lot. So, be the best version of you to impress the ladies. Don’t be fake while communicating with a person next to you because there’s always a chance of being getting caught. So, it’s better to avoid the embarrassment of being caught as a liar.

13. Be Aware Of What You’re Going To Say

Think before communicating. Life isn’t about just talking, it’s also about thinking too. Similarly, the dating game needs the right words for the right person at the right time. Knowing what you’re going to say will take off the pressure and nervousness of you. It is recommended to make a list of conversation starters. It will help you to start a conversation with any girl. Other than that talking about the general interest is more helpful in exploring a person.

14. Be Approachable And Friendly

Girls prefer to communicate with fun-loving and friendly guys. Remember, your goal must be simple i.e. “meet and talk”. Nervousness will lead you to failure and you could miss an opportunity to connect with a girl. So better be calm and friendly.

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  • General comment.
    I like the way you allow members to interact and engage via text without the usual fee. Novel and unusual at the same time.

    My experience is tainted with the failure of 98 % of the dozens of women I interacted with to be able to use a telephone and conduct a verbal conversation. Virtually all, with 2 noted exceptions would refuse to talk verbally. More interesting was the frequent request for a gift card in monetary values up to 100.00 to buy minutes on their phone, fix the microphone, provide games for children, gas for a vehicle, and others.
    I am well versed in online scams and distractions designed to open wallets.
    Once I engage via text a random member, I immediately seek evidence that would establish “Proof Of Life”.
    This is when the disconnect occurs, I tell the person that I do not text as a primary means of communication. I then suggest a phone call so that a voice can be associated with the pictures and words of the profile page.

    Pretty pictures and words of a screen do not establish a “Proof Of Life”
    This failure coupled with obvious solicitations for funds has led me to delete all contacts from my account.

    I will further note that since I added a disclaimer about texting and communicating, the number of emails has fallen sharply and on some days non- existent.

    I write all this to express appreciation for providing a novel platform and challenge you to clean up the abuse rs if possible.
    I insist that the member I am texting with prove to be a real person and the best method I know is talking. However the trend is to escape and evade any attempt to establish that goes beyond pretty pictures and written words on a screen

    John Thompson Jetman226@yahoo.com 301 674 6885

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