How to instantly build an emotional connection with a man

Building an emotional connection with a guy is an art form. It’s a skill that can be learned. I’d like to talk about how to do it from the beginning of a relationship. No matter you start a relationship via a free dating site or in real life, you will learn a thing or two today!

The girl is building an emotional connection with a guy instantly

Make him think that you’re more than a friend only.

When you’re on a cruise ship or at a party, remember to smile at every man that you think is probably eligible. Then if he initiates a conversation with you, he will definitely think it was his idea to talk to you first.

As he talks to you, you may talk about fitness at some stage & then you say something along the lines of, “I’ve been going to the gym for quite a while. Now I’ve lost 5 kilos.” Then you immediately look at your body. In this moment, he must look at your body and the chemistry will increase automatically. Never underestimate how quickly guys feel attracted to ladies. After that, it will be a man-to-woman interaction, meaning you are more than just a friend! This is the prerequisite of building a genuine emotional connection in a relationship.

How to prepare for the 1st date. 

Let’s say you’ve met a guy on a free dating site. You can have a video chat with him online and then you will implement this strategy. When a man asks you out, you’d better momentarily give a bit scrutinizing facial expression for one second. Then as you’re ready to say yes, you can give this guy a smile of acceptance so he’ll feel he has already worked hard in order to win your precious approval.

Rather than saying yes to a date, you would be well-advised to say yes to this guy as a person, “Andy, I will be glad to see you again.” This will make this guy feel very special as his efforts have finally paid off!

For example, the 1st date is on a Sunday night and you have an entire weekend for yourself. Please do not spend Saturday and Sunday watching YouTube videos. You should totally prepare for this date by getting a manicure or reading some articles about dating and attraction on free dating sites

Remember to wear something alluring but not really slutty on the 1st date. Please do not reveal a lot. Just choose one spot to reveal! At this stage, you should give this guy a hint and then leave the rest up to his wild imagination. More importantly, you must be comfortable in your own outfit. Therefore, wearing a pair of brand-new shoes and a new dress is probably not a very good idea on the 1st date. Usually, it takes some time to get used to new shoes and a new dress, right?

Have a date by design.

After talking to this guy from the free dating site for a while, it’s time to get ready for the date and know your plan. For instance, this date will have 2 parts. Part I is doing something exciting such as seeing a comedy show or a horror movie. The horror movie will make this guy keen to protect you. The comedy show maximizes the fun you can have on the date. Part II of the date is something very relaxing such as having a meal or coffee together. In my opinion, this is the ideal date which facilitates a genuine connection between two people. Yet usually, a confident guy will probably plan the date beforehand. And you will see how creative this man actually is. 

On the 1st date, please do not talk too much or stare at this guy. Your real goal is to let this man try his best to get your attention, okay? Having said that, it doesn’t mean you are supposed to be arrogant or rude. In fact, a switched-on lady is light and sweet. She doesn’t try too hard. She laughs at his funny jokes. This lady smiles often and does not feel awkward at all if there’s a silence or pause in the conversation. Truthfully, during the silent moment, this smart lady tilts her head, plays with her hair and caresses her neck while maintaining eye contact. Gradually, her eye contact becomes softened and she even strokes her neck in this process.

Just have more fun. Forget about your anxiety regarding finding the one. You shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself or on this guy. Indeed, when a woman is totally relaxed, a high-value man will find her more alluring, according to the research conducted by free dating sites.

How to make sure the emotional connection is built successfully: 

Well, towards the end of the 1st date, if you like this guy, you should totally end the 1st date first. Here is why:

Ending the 1st date when it is at its peak means you leave when things are going so well. It will only leave a guy wanting more of you and better your chances of having a 2nd date with this guy. 

Apart from that, you shouldn’t make the 1st date too long. Simply say, “This is great. Thanks for the night. It’s late now. I will have to wake up early tomorrow morning. But it’s been a wonderful night for us.” 

A dating coach from a free dating site has explained this technique in detail:

1) “This is great. Thanks for the night.” (First, you acknowledge the fantastic time you have enjoyed and you thank him generously.)

2) “It’s late now. I will have to wake up early tomorrow morning.” (Second, you end it with a clear message. Without telling him what you will do tomorrow, you become mysterious.)

3) “But it’s been a wonderful night for us.” (Finally, you stress the wonderful time you have enjoyed and you use “us” in the conversation. This will make this guy feel psychologically closer to you. He may even feel that he has known you for a very long time.)

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