How to do a movie date

How to do a movie date
How to do a movie date

Date Night at the Movies


Going to the movies has been a dating tradition ever since they started showing silent movies over

100 years ago. If you meet someone through a free online dating site, like Mingle2, a night out at

the movies is generally a safe and easy way to get acquainted. And with all the Hollywood summer

blockbusters to choose from, you would think that setting up a movie date would be easy, right? It

can be if you know the proper movie dating etiquette for a night out at the movies.


A Movie and….

First off, you don’t want to just take your date to a movie. Sitting in a dark theater

and sharing a feel-good comedy or the latest thriller may seem romantic, but it doesn’t promote

conversation or build a connection. You want to leave quality time to spend together, both before

and after the movie. Dinner and a movie has been the dating classic for decades. However, when

you consider it can cost upwards of $50 for two at the movies with admission, popcorn, drinks, and

Jujubes, dinner and a movie can make for an expensive night out. Guys, if you are trying to impress

your date and your budget can handle it, then dinner and a movie is always a good option. However,

if you’re on a budget or want to do something more casual, then try drinks and a movie or movie

followed by dessert. You can always start out at a local night spot and order appetizers and cocktails

to start the evening – a less expensive option and less time consuming than dinner. Or suggest a

drink after the movie or stopping for a late night ice cream so you can compare notes on the movie

you have just seen.


“What do you want to see?”

Men and women generally like different kinds of movies, so choosing

something you both want to see can be a challenge. Don’t start the date with an argument over a

movie choice.  If you really want to see the latest superhero movie or gross-out comedy save it for

another night, unless your date is enthusiastically on board. Instead, pick a movie that you both

will enjoy and that will promote conversation. Oscar nods are always a good bet, as are romantic

movies and hot new releases. In general, avoid movies with too much sex, violence, or controversy,

and avoid kiddie flicks and documentaries. (Guys, this means you should be flexible and accepts the

“chick flick” if the occasion demands it.)


“Where do you want to see it?”

If you choose the right theater, the movie-going experience can

make for a memorable date. If you are limited to the local metroplex, then plan something special

before or after the movie. But if you are lucky enough to live in an area with great theaters, the

theater itself can be part of the experience. Sundance Cinemas, for example, serve appetizers, let

you drink cocktails in the theater, and allow you to reserve seats in advance. A lot of the classic and

restored theaters make for real movie going ambiance. See if you have some cool theater options in

your neighborhood.


As your relationship evolves and you get to know each other, and each other’s taste in movies, you

can be more adventurous. That Kurosawa marathon may be just the ticket, or the Three Stooges

Film Festival, or the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But to find common

cinematic ground, use movie night as a way to get to know each other, before, during, and after the

movie. And be sure to tell your date if you had fun, and you want to do it again.


What’s your favorite date movie? Everyone has their own favorite first date movie. What’s yours?

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