Dating is a concept that has transcended both time and generation. From the days of our ancestors, people have always been in search of that one person that compliments them. People are constantly in search for who they want to always be with and share memorable times with. With the intervention of technology, it is even a lot easier to date someone via online dating. Technology has induced a platform known as a dating site, where one can engage and meet a potential date mate.

Online dating can be both a blessing and a curse. The reason being that, in as much as it gives you a lot of options and ease, it also comes with the difficulty of not knowing the right time to ask a girl out. You might have been chatting with a girl you meet on a dating site but you are not sure of the right time to ask the question. You are probably scared that if you ask too soon, you might jilt her or seem desperate. On the other hand, if you wait for too long, you might keep her waiting and come across as not being serious. Most certainly, there are other guys out there lurking to do exactly what you are being hesitant about. This is the confusion faced by lots of guys, especially when there seems to be a connection with the prospective partner met on a dating site. Not to worry, we will give you some steps for successful online dating.

Guy ask his girlfriend to get married


Timing is an important thing when it comes to online dating. You need to know the right time to ask the question; not too soon, so as not to seem desperate and scare her off, or too late so that she does not lose interest. As soon as you understand the timing on when to ask a girl you met on a dating site out, then online dating will not be as difficult as some claim.


This might seem contradictory to the first tip, but I assure you it’s not. The idea of online dating is to meet someone you can date and maybe even marry. There is no need to rush it and lose the person in the process. You need to take your time to build sufficient rapport, connection, and interest before making the move.

Some guide as to know when you’ve created enough connection includes;

Build rapport:

When you meet someone on a dating site, at first, you both are complete strangers. It will do you no good to immediately ask her out. Instead, take some time to build rapport and familiarity. Get to know each other better; that way, you have a better chance of getting a yes and a less awkward date night. Personally, I advise people to get at least not less than 10 messages on a dating site before proceeding to ask her out.

Show sufficient interest in her:

Women are emotional beings, and for you to have a successful online dating experience, you need to show her you are really interested in her. For someone you met on a dating site, you need to show that you are genuinely interested in her. For instance, ask her questions to show you have interest in what is happening in her life. Be a good listener and try to appreciate her point of view, despite your varying opinion.

Go humorous:

Everybody loves to have a good laugh. Making a girl laugh through your chats is a certified shortcut to getting that date with her. Also, for the fact that you met her on a dating site, you need to go the extra mile if you want to enjoy online dating. Research has it that the more you make a woman laugh, the more successful that relationship is likely to be. However, it is imperative to know when to draw the line. Don’t tell offensive jokes or sarcastic jokes, as those may paint a wrong picture.


Online dating tends to put a lot of pressure on people going out for a date. This is because these are two individuals that most likely have never met each other before except on the dating site. There are a lot of expectations and excitement. Things could go wrong or right, for this is someone you met on a random dating site and you don’t know what to expect. It is usually advisable to keep it casual, especially for the first date. Something simple like a coffee break is a good place to start from. That way, if things go south, both parties can take consolation in the fact that much time and resources were not invested in the date.


Nothing attracts a woman more than a man that exudes confidence. This is even more important for online dating. This is because, since you guys met on a dating site, you might have been restricted to your screen for communication. You need to let that confidence travel through your screen and resound within her that the person she’s about to go out with is confident and knows what he is doing. Don’t sound pathetic and ask her out like she is doing you a favor. Ask her out like you both are going to have an amazing time. You can have fun doing online dating even though you met on a random dating site.


Most guys on a dating site tend to be impatient and need an answer once they ask a girl out. Online dating is much more complicated than that. When you ask a girl out on a dating site, you need to give her sufficient time to think things through before giving you a response. This does not mean that she is not interested in you and badgering will not work in your favor. Give her some breathing space and allow her to think about it before making her choice. Online dating can be tricky, for it is almost always a complete stranger met on the dating site that is asking her out. It is only fair if you allow her to have some time to think carefully before giving you her response.

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