10 Great Warm Weather Date Ideas


When the weather warms up, couples head outside. The crisp afternoon sunshine of spring and the balmy nights of summer just beg for outdoor dates, so dust off the cobwebs and take your honey on an adventure into the great outdoors! Here are ten warm weather date ideas to get you started. Try them as-is, mix them up, or add your own special touch to make it a truly unique event.

  1. Tandem Bikes

It’s so old-fashioned it’s cool again! Once upon a time, young couples would take a romantic tandem bike ride through the park or along a waterfront, stopping for a picnic or an ice cream cone along the way.

  1. Take Me out to the Ball Game

The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the smell of hot dogs wafting on the breeze…Is there anything more suited to warm weather than a baseball game? You don’t have to buy tickets to the Major Leagues to enjoy this date. Find a field with a game (event-ball!), lay out a blanket, and pick a team to cheer on.

  1. Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts are a staple of summer nights. Cities large and small boast concerts in parks or in outdoor theaters and many of them are free or low-cost. Bring camp chairs for comfort or a picnic blanket and drinks to stay hydrated.

  1. Star Gazing

On clear nights away from the city, the stars are dazzling overhead. Sign up for a stargazing event at a local planetarium or university. If you’re close enough to an observatory, see what stargazing classes they offer. Alternatively, set up your telescope in your yard or on your roof and show off your astronomical knowledge.

  1. Drive-In Movie

There are still some drive-in movie theaters around, so find one and plan an event. Many theaters allow you to bring your own snacks (call ahead to be sure), so pack your stereo with batteries, a couple comfy fold-up chairs, and make it a double feature.

  1. Get Wet

Cool off by planning a water balloon fight, buy a couple squirt guns, or use water bottles to play water tag.

  1. Boating, Canoeing, or Kayaking

You don’t have to be super athletic to enjoy some boating. Rent a boat, canoe, or kayaks for you and your date. If you aren’t sure how to do it, get some instructions from the renter, which can be part of the fun.

  1. Evening at the Beach

You don’t have to go to a drive-in for the outdoor movie experience. Bring your laptop, a blanket, some wine and cheese, and other nibbles, and watch a romantic movie to the soundtrack of waves on the sand and the cries of the seagulls. No beach nearby? Pick a spot with a great view instead.

  1. Plant Stuff

Plants thrive in the warmer weather of spring and summer. Get your sweetie to help you plant some flowers, a tree, or some veggies in pots or in a garden. As the plants grow, they will serve as a momento of spending happy time together.

  1. Four-Wheeling

Motorsports are always fun in the sun. If your date is game, take one or two four-wheelers to a track or dune and take your ATVs through some off-road exercises. You can get safety training online, and be sure to wear safety gear and follow the rules.

Take any of the above ideas and make them your own, but make sure to take advantage of the sun while you can. To meet singles ready to get out and have fun, set up a profile on Mingle2 and start your free online dating experience. Visit our Home page to get started.


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