How to Flirt: 3 Easy Moves to Try

In the animal kingdom, it’s usually the males who dance or bob or sing or burp or whatever it takes to get the female to notice their extreme attractiveness and masculinity. In the human world, both males and females use tricks and tactics to attract a person they find interesting and desirable. Flirting is fun and it signals interest often without the need to say a word. Want to master some flirting moves? Read on.

Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your target is important. A person who refuses to make eye contact comes across as disinterested or rude, so make sure you’re taking the chance to gaze deeply into your intended’s eyes for at least five seconds at a time every once in a while before breaking the contact (prolonged staring comes across as creepy, so take a slow blink or look away before things get awkward). When you’re flirting with a stranger, a long, languorous glance can be heart-stoppingly inviting, but it might take two or three tries to convince your target that you’re really serious. Combine sexy eye contact with a sexy smile for a big win.

Pointing Your Body

You can make use of the subtle nuances of body language by deliberately pointing your body toward the person you are flirting with. Pointing means that you angle your torso to face the other person, and make sure your feet are also pointing right at them. Lean your shoulders slightly toward your love interest as you talk. This signals that you are open to and interested in the person you’re flirting with.


Light touches are a real turn-on when flirting. A hand on the arm as you make a comment, touching the small of the back for a moment to guide someone in a certain direction, or even using a handshake to hold on just a fraction of second longer than usual are all ways to flirt.

You don’t have to be a natural to be good at flirting. It just takes a little practice. You can even ask a good-natured friend to let you try out your moves until they feel normal and comfortable. In the meantime, sign up for a free profile at Mingle2 and start meeting fun singles in your area today!

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