5 Important Facts to Know When Dating a Cougar

So, you have your sights set on catching a cougar? Or maybe you’ve already caught one and now are scrambling to keep up? Whether you’re using a dating site or hunting in person, we’re here to help.

The world of cougar dating can be a confusing and overwhelming place, especially for a new cougar-catcher! At Mingle2, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things to know when dating a cougar.

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“Every Time A Woman Turns 40, A Cougar Is Born”

She Doesn’t Want Your Assurances

While a relationship should be all about mutual support between partners, lying to a woman that she looks younger than she does isn’t going to help anyone. She is past the age where she will be assuaged by faux-compliments, and the result is only going to hurt her feelings.

Instead of telling her that she looks good despite her age, tell her that she looks good because of her age. You’re dating her because you have an attraction to older women, so don’t be shy when telling her all the things you love about the way she looks.

She Might Be More Assertive Than You’re Used To

A cougar has a lot of life experience to be proud of, and she won’t be afraid to tell her significant other (or anyone else) exactly what she wants. Try not to let yourself be intimidated by this. Since you’re already in a relationship with a significant age gap, it probably goes without saying that you’re OK with ditching traditional gender stereotypes.

Instead of being self-conscious or defensive, let her take the reins. She can probably teach you a thing or two.

She Doesn’t Need You to Act Her Age

The reason cougars date younger men is because they have a genuine preference for them. Instead of putting on an act that you’re older or more sophisticated than you really are, embrace your age and act like yourself.

With that being said, just because your girlfriend is a cougar doesn’t mean she doubles as your mom. While she might have a preference for younger men, she doesn’t want the childish and unnecessary drama that comes along with them. Keep your crazy ex-girlfriends and nights out binge drinking with the boys to a minimum when she’s around.

She Already Has a Fulfilling Life

When you date a cougar, it goes without saying that her life is probably a bit more established than yours. She most likely has a successful career, is financially comfortable, and may even have raised a family already.

Her hobbies, interests, and activities are well-established, too. Instead of feeling self-conscious, take this as a compliment. Feel honored that a woman knows exactly that she wants you.

She Knows This Might Not Be Long-Term

If you’re dating a cougar, there’s a chance that your relationship might be just for fun. With such a large age gap, the two of you are likely in different seasons of your life and may grow apart over time. Instead of stressing out over this, enjoy the time you have together while you have it.


If you feel a connection that you want to make long term, you’ll have to work on it. Just like in any relationship.  Consistently take an interest in each other’s hobbies and interests, try new experiences together, and talk often if you want your relationship to withstand the test of time. 

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