6 Surefire Tips For A Unique Online Dating Profile

6 Surefire Tips for a Unique Online Dating Profile

Not only have dating apps become a widely popular way of meeting new people, but there’s a platform for practically every kind of romantic situation nowadays. Whether you’re looking for a one night stand or a long-term commitment, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for online.

But, you’re not going to get very far with a potential lover if you don’t have an interesting online dating profile! Remember, this is not your work resume, and it’s also not something to fill out half-heartedly. You have to find the perfect balance between trying too hard and not sharing enough about you.

Here are 6 tips to help you do just that in a unique, intriguing way.


1. Focus on Your Photos

A person’s looks aren’t the only thing that matters in a relationship, but they’re definitely one of the main things that catch a potential partner’s eye. You have to put your best foot forward when choosing the photos for your profile. There’s no room for blurry pictures or awkward poses here.

You don’t necessarily want to use a professional headshot, though. Your pictures should be a reflection of your personality. Maybe your images will say that you love to travel, that you’re athletic, or that you’re a bit of a homebody (and proud). Whatever your best features are, find pictures that show them off – both in terms of your appearance and your characteristics.

2. Keep Your Bio Short and Sweet

As much as you want to create a first impression, you don’t want to give away everything about you. Be careful of sharing too much in your personal biography.

Other users should be able to read your bio in about 30 seconds. If anything, at least keep it under a minute. But, make sure it’s not boring!

Share the basics about who you are in a way that reels people in and makes them want to learn more about you. Crack a small joke or share an interesting fact that most people wouldn’t know from looking at you. These will help potential lovers start a conversation after you’ve sparked their interest.

3. Show off Your Charm

When in doubt about what to write, use your charm.

Show off your confidence in your bio and don’t be afraid to be specific. For example, instead of saying that you love the outdoors, say that you love hiking or kayaking or skiing. Tell people who your favorite musician is or which movie you could watch over and over.

Specifics are always more interesting than generalizations. Not to mention, they give you a good opportunity to word things in a way that’s charming and engaging.

4. Make Yourself More Approachable

Keep in mind that part of being charming is being invited. People are going to have a hard time getting to know you if they don’t know how to start a conversation with you. Even if you’re the first one to send a direct message, it’s your online profile that will give people an idea of what to say back.

As such, try asking a few questions or at least turning up the charm a little bit. Read over your description as if you were getting to know someone else for the first time. If you read it on another person’s profile, would you have a few conversation starters in mind?

This is crucial to turning a swipe right into an actual connection. Being approachable is key to getting things going with a new romantic partner.

5. Set Romantic Expectations

This rule isn’t so much about setting yourself apart as it is about matching your online profile to the right people. Take a moment to consider what you’re really looking for, and find a way to say it without being too forward.

After all, you don’t want to make things too easy and say you’re just looking for a hookup in your profile. But, you do want to be clear about how fast or slow you want to go with someone.

Hint at the short- or long-term expectations you have and watch how your matches and conversations change. You won’t be getting stuck with attractive people that aren’t on your wavelength anymore. Instead, you’ll be matching with other individuals who are looking for the same thing whether that be one and done situations or slow and steady type of connections.

6. Remove Anything Negative

Always focus on do’s rather than don’ts. In other words, talk about what you do like and what you are interested in. These are the clear favorite as opposed to sharing what you don’t like and what you’re not looking for.

No one likes negative people, regardless of what they’re looking for.

Plus, writing in terms of positives takes out the guesswork. It’s much easier for someone to know what kind of restaurant to take you to when you say “I love Italian food” instead of “I’m not a fan of Italian food.”

Is It Time to Transform Your Online Dating Profile?
Creating an online dating profile is only the first step in finding your next new lover. The real work begins once you start making connections with other users and seeing where your conversations can go.

If you’re having trouble making connections or keeping a conversation, though, it might be time to spice up your profile a bit. A few simple changes like the ones mentioned above can be the difference between a dry inbox and one that’s overflowing with messages from people interested in you!

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