The Task of Parenting

Parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities range from physical care to emotional care. It also includes guidance, financial provision, companionship, etc. for one’s child or children. This is to say that parents cater for the physical needs of their children. And they are to also cater for their emotional needs. Good parents provide basic necessities for their children. These core needs are food, money, shelter, and clothing. Yet, good parenting demands more than this. Parents should also make provision for their children’s mental and emotional balance. Parents can do this by making their children extremely comfortable around them. This will encourage children to tell their parents about themselves. It will make children to talk to their parents about sexual life without fear.


Children and Sexual Life

Sexual life is one of the confidential aspects of life children don’t discuss with their parents. Children keep all sexual-related matters of theirs away from their parents for many reasons. These reasons vary across different contexts. In other words, children consider their sexual life a secret.

Instead of talking to their parents about their sexual life, children prefer talking to their online friends. They make most of the friends on dating sites and discuss sexual life with them. Thus, free online dating sites like Mingle2 are children’s companion in all sexual matters.

Recent researches claim that it is appropriate for children to discuss sexual life with parents. But there is a clash between the reality and what is appropriate. The reality is that children prefer talking to friends on dating sites about sexual life. But what is appropriate is for children to talk to their parents without any fear. This is why it is necessary to discuss the reasons leading to this irony.

Three Reasons Children Are Afraid of Talking to their Parent about Sexual Life

This article identifies three reasons children are afraid of talking to parents about sexual life. These reasons are shyness, harsh parenthood and absurdity of the topic. We will discuss each of them elaborately below. Enjoy your reading!

1. The Child or Children could be Shy

Human nature differs. Some people are outspoken and others are reticent. While some people enjoy speaking, others are unwilling to talk about things even if they know them. Being shy is one of the reasons children are afraid of talking to their parents about sexual life. It is a fact that fear accompanies shyness!

A shy person is likely going to be afraid of speaking to anyone. This is because they are not comfortable doing so. Naturally, shy children are introverts. This explains why they find it difficult to discuss sexual life with their parents. What they do instead is making friends on dating sites to discuss their sexual life with.

A lot of shy children are even afraid of requesting their basic needs of from their parents. Children like this will not even think of going that far. And for every moment they consider talking to their parents about sexual life, their heart would start beating faster than they can imagine. Shy children will continue to be afraid of talking to their parents about sexual life until their parents deem it fit to speak to them first. Initiating a conversation with shy children is a way of luring them to discuss their sexual life.

2. Harsh Parenting

No doubt, children whose parents adopt tough measures to bring up don’t see their parents as talking partners. Hence, they find it difficult to open up to them about their sexual life. This is usually due to two reasons. First, there is no communication between harsh parents and their children. The second reason is children’s experience with their harsh parents.

Hyper-serious fathers and mothers do not make their children very comfortable around them. This prevents their children from talking to them about sexual life. Another characteristic of harsh parents is excessive blaming. They also look for every reason to punish their children. Summarily, everything that good parenting encompasses is missing in harsh parenting.

Some parents are so harsh that their children cannot even afford to maintain a soft gaze with them. How then will these children not be afraid of talking to such parents about their sexual life? In most cases, the problem is the orientation of parents about good parenting. Some parents believe that they must be very strict with their children to instill discipline in them. Whereas, the nature of human psychology does not support that.

What More?

Parents do not need to be too hard on their children before they inculcate virtues in them. If there is any good at all in harsh parenting, it comes with much more negative effects. And one of these negative effects is that children will be afraid to talk to their parents about their sexual life.

Irrespective of their behavioral nature, children constantly need to tell someone about their sexual life. For this reason, children talk to friends on dating sites if they are afraid of talking to their harsh parents.

There are many implications of these. Harsh parenting scares children away from talking to their parents about their sexual life. It also forces them to use and embrace free dating sites. Children consider dating sites more accommodating. Thus, they communicate their sexual experience through the sites. This is because there is no fear of expression on online dating sites.

Mingle2 is an instance of such dating sites. It is a free online dating site for males and females to hookup. Mingle2 allows users to share sexual life with one another. People prefer it because it is a FREE dating site.

3. The Topic is Absurd

This is another reason why children are afraid of talking to their parents about sexual life. Children have no idea of what their parents’ reaction could be if they talk about sexual life. This is common among children whose parents have never discussed any sex-related topic with. The thought of these children is simple and understandable. They think it is weird to walk up to one’s parents and initiate a conversation about sexual life.

Similarly, society considers certain ages the right starting point of sexual life discussions. This influences children to think the same way. Children believe they have to attain the age before they talk to their parents about sexual life. They will, therefore, be afraid of talking to their parents about sexual life until they think they are old enough to do so.


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