Dating While Religious in 2019: Keeping the faith in the modern dating pool

Love has never been easy. But in a great twist of irony, in this modern world, with an app for every problem and free dating sites left and right, love can be harder to find than ever. And for a considerable portion of the population, it can be even harder.

For all the burdens it may carry, religion is for most believers a great source of strength and serenity. Yet, when it comes to romance, the religious may face unique challenges in the 21st century. Catholics, Muslims, and LDS singles alike, the faithful among us have a vexing road ahead.

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The World Has Changed

There are many reasons why things are the way they are. The world of our grandparents and parents is long gone. So are many of the barriers that once divided people. Distances are shorter, communications are faster, cultural paradigms are being questioned.

Very different people share the same world, perhaps for the first time. For some, in many ways, it comes as a blessing. For others, it brings a layer of complexity to life that can be a rude awakening.

People have changed as well. Religious and spiritual belief has steadily decreased each generation, for decades. Millennials are among the least religious generations, and fewer young people are getting married.

For believers, this can be off-putting. An increasingly secularized world makes the faithful feel defensive. The search for love can be overwhelming. And so, the age of free dating sites can feel as lonely as ever.

How Dating Can Challenge Beliefs

Romance presents unique challenges to believers. In a world where STEM is king, being religious is often vocally accepted, but in practice, things are different. Not to mention, for a believer, there’s often a lot more at stake.

The politics of tolerance makes finding a potential partner who’ll outright reject your religion somewhat uncommon. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be willing to accept the different practices, norms, and mores that come with belief.

For example, a partner may have no issue with dating LDS singles, yet balk at LDS dating norms or LDS traditions. To complicate matters, such issues aren’t often apparent at first, and only crop up once feelings have developed.

There’s nothing like the sting of losing someone you’ve begun to care for because of your beliefs. Once you consider sex, marriage, and the order they should happen in (if at all), things get even more complicated. Believers can quickly find themselves experiencing conflicting desires, pressures, and interests that make them question their faith.

Seeking partners from within your own religion isn’t much better. Many young Christian and LDS singles report that trying free dating sites specific to their religion can be a frustrating ordeal. Muslim, Christian, and LDS dating sites seem to have an overabundance of the frighteningly zealous—more intimidating than enticing.

The upshot is that negative experiences for a young LDS dating within their religion can impact their own faith—making LDS singles weary of dating those who share their faith.

How Beliefs Can Undermine Dating

Swapping perspectives, faith itself can prove detrimental to your love life. It’s a bit counterintuitive, with love being is such a central element in so many religions. But it rings true for many young Christian, Wiccan and LDS singles.

For starters, faith can be too fulfilling! The difficulties of romance (and a negative experience or two) can make young believers look for refuge in religion and stop putting themselves out there. This coping mechanism, over time, may prove more isolating than intended.

Belief also impacts how you come across when approaching a new relationship. Rigid expectations out of a relationship (a formal commitment, marriage, children and more) can seem like “too much, too soon” to discuss early on. But they’re often tacit admissions, taken for granted as soon as religion comes up.

Religion comes from a deeply intimate place. That it should overlap with romantic love is only natural. Your beliefs define the way you see yourself, the world, and those around you.

Religious differences can end up forming invisible walls between people. And nothing makes that separation more apparent than a relationship.

The total understanding of a loving couple is hard to reconcile with having two very different concepts of what life is all about. For the same reason, things are also tricky when both partners are religious, but of different faiths.

So, what’s a believer to do? With Jewish, Muslim and LDS dating sites being too niche for respite, what options are left?

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Striking A Balance

When two sides are so far apart, the best solution may be to meet in the middle. For Muslim, Christian, and LDS singles, this means walking a fine line. Believers must balance and prioritize the demands of the faith with their expectations, and those of any would-be partners.

It is definitely a personal and subtle territory to tread. But with suffering & unhappiness on one side and loneliness & solitude on the other, it’s worth the walk. It will require serious introspection and soul-searching, answering tough questions and reaching compromises. You’ll need an open mind, as well as an open heart.

And there’s an upside to the process. Romantic love is a powerful grounding for faith, and faith is a remarkable foundation for love. Living your beliefs in the real context of a relationship deepens faith and tempers’ excesses. Trying to be a better partner, we become better believers.

Putting Yourself Out There

Armed with the right frame of mind, you should dip your toe in the dating pool as soon as possible. Nothing will come if you don’t put yourself out there. Free dating sites (aimed at general audiences) offer an easy way to get started. Whether you’re a Buddhist, Christian, or LDS dating inside or outside your faith, free dating sites broaden your horizon.

Set up a profile, describe yourself and your beliefs briefly, and begin meeting attractive Christian, Muslim or LDS singles. In matters of the heart, the early bird gets the worm!

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