How To Become A Romeo To Your Juliet?

The dating sites have made dating easier these days. However, to fall in love with that person depends on how much effort you are willing to put in your interaction. The classical love stories have a great influence on our dating life. They add charm to our otherwise dull love life. Everyone wants to feel special, want a love like Romeo & Juliet (although people hardly want the same fate as they). This gives them hope for a lasting love story. There is no reason you shouldn’t be a sweetheart to your Juliet. Prove to them that you are the one. Well, scientists might be convinced that love and attraction are caused by a chemical named oxytocin. But when it comes to love who thinks from brain, right? It’s the heart that guides you. And heart says that certain actions might make people fall in love with you. Being a passionate Romeo to your Juliet might be one of them. Now here are a few things you can do to add that mystery and passion to your love story.

The guy wants to become a Romeo to his Juliet

Understand your Juliet

So there is no feeling in this world more precious than being understood by the people that you love. A lot of couples want understanding. They want to be understood but don’t want to understand other people. Remember, it’s not only about you, but it’s also about her too! If you are on a first date, you can carefully read the profile of the person you’re about to date. This way you to know more about that person before meeting them. If you are a couple, you can try to understand the likes and dislikes of your spouse. Plan something special for them. Go a little out of way. Make some effort to actually know the person. Because true love is a connection of souls and not just bodies.

Choose the place

Well it must be an easy one. Where did the Romeo first see Juliet? The Ball! There is no reason for you to look away from a girl that stands apart from the whole room full of girls. Being Romeo might sound a little cheesy. But it’s okay once in a while to express your feelings beautifully for the people that you love the most. It can be a fairy-light-decorated rooftop or as simple as her favorite restaurant. Just acknowledge her liking and you will get through her heart right away. And her mind would probably perceive you as the lovely gentleman that you are.


The one the thing that we know about the Shakespearean story is that it had a lot of expressive languages. Romeo and Juliet complimenting each other and their love throughout the love story made it more intense. So complimenting your loved one is a must if you want to show how much you love them. You can opt for a lot of things. You can start by telling them what are the good things that you like about them. Or, maybe tell them how you felt the first time you saw them. All the nice things that make them feel special, feel heard, and seen by you (their Romeo).

Eye Contact

Eyes are considered as the window to the soul of humans. One strong suit of Romeo and Juliet was the first gaze they had. Now the dating sites can make it harder for your first gaze to be as magical as Romeo seeing Juliet. But you can reserve that for your first date. Keep a healthy, confident yet comfortable eye contact with your loved one. Eye contact is likely to spark that flame. It would make your Juliet think about how much you love her. Besides, Juliet’s tend to love being noticed and eye contact is the best you can.

Juliet at the Ball

When Juliet met Romeo, she was dressed in a beautiful gown that looked stunning. Both of them saw each other and never knew that they would fall. This can be your cue for asking your girl out to ballroom dancing. Moreover, the point is that you make your date feel special. So, dress to impress and tidy up to let them know that u did something special for them. That her beauty, and love stand out from the whole crowd. In short. Make your Juliet feel special.


The one the thing that releases oxytocin, the happy hormone that causes love. You can take your Juliet to a someplace that is stimulating and exciting like parks with rides or comedy shows. These places will allow you guys to have a good time. Bringing laughter and smiles to someone’s day is the nicest gesture to tell them how much you love them. Hence it is worth a try to bring them to the place that they associate happiness with.

Kind Gestures

Sometimes it’s not only about taking some out on the most expansive restaurant. Sometimes it is enough to direct some small kind gestures, like bringing a single rose on your way back from work. These small kind gestures are in turn the most rewarding and express the deep, true love you feel for this person. So, from making breakfast in bed to taking them for a walk are some of these things that turn out to connect you guys the most. Hence the gestures can be small but the bond that they create would be huge. Never stops making small kind gestures to your girl.

All the above things might require the people to go out of their comfort zones to express themselves and their love for Juliet’s. One might argue why is it still important to be the caring and expressive one. Well becoming Romeo once in a while is very important for your relationship. It shows your spouse that you have the capacity for love and caring. Which in turn calls for a rewarding love experience.

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