The Passion Of My Love For You Will Never End

“Will it be right that I am deciding to hold his/her hand for the rest of the life?” Every person in the world thinks of these words at least once in their life before forming a relationship. Love is a feeling that makes people think differently. Actually, what is love? It’s a kind of attraction between different species that they feel towards each other. There are many different types of love in the world. Of these, the love of a male and a female is the most common. This love can be starting in different ways. “Online dating sites” are mostly fond of this era people.

Here we are presenting such a story that starts with passion and was till the end…

The passion of my love for you will never end

His Identity

As usual, he woke up and goes out for jogging. Every day he comes to this park. After doing light exercise, he sits on that bench, remembers some old memories, smiles, and became sad again. His name is Daniel, owner of a company and 2 restaurants. 14 years have passed, but he has not been able to forget that girl, maybe he will never be able to. However, at 7 o’clock he goes home and has his breakfast. Daniel’s mother knows all about her son’s feelings, understands him as well. Again, it also understands that my son should have a family by this age, I will not live forever. He needs a partner. But she did not express anything of this to his son.

Her Identity

Salma is late for school again. She quickly got ready and left. She is an ordinary school teacher. But her life was not always so ordinary. She lost his mother in childhood. She rose by her father’s hand. In college life, she felt in love with a boy. But alas society!!! Social stigma did not allow two different religions to be in love with each other. Contrary to Salma’s wishes, her father gets her married to a middle-aged man.

Her life was not happy with the cruel irony of fate. Her husband would get drunk and beat her, and torture her mentally. Thus, 2 years had spent. She later got a divorce with the help of a female NGO worker. Her father realized his mistake and encouraged her to study again. After completing her studies, she is now self-reliant, a successful school teacher.

How he connected with dating app

One day Daniel’s mother saw him staring disinterestedly at the moonlight. Putting her hand on Daniel’s shoulder she said, “O dear, I am old and I do not know how long I will live.” I know about your heart’s feelings, I understand also. But the reality is hard to judge. If you allow me I have heard of very good dating sites, can I register you there?”

Daniel’s mother never said anything like that, never wanted anything to him. He thought “she would be sad if I disagree with it.” So he didn’t disagree with his mother.

How she connected with dating app

On the other hand, once, Salma was not able to sleep at midnight. She missed her parents very much. Her father’s last words are floating in her ears again and again. The words were “dear, I’m really sorry; you’re alone for me now. You can remarry on your own choice. How long will you be alone! I hope you will think about my words.”But the very next day, her father left her alone in this world and went to a place wherefrom no one comes back. 3 years have passed and she is still alone. Thinking about her father, she thought … “Yes, I still have a lot of time in my life left. With an uncertain decision, she opened a new profile in a dating app and thought, “Let’s see whether I can find a partner to spend the rest of my life with.”

The moment of re-beginning

Salma got stuck by seen at an image. Yes, Daniel! Her first love. She became surprised, he is still unmarried. With a lot of hesitation, Salma sent a friend request to Daniel.

Daniel stared at the screen of his mobile with a huge gleam. “This is Salma’s profile, the lady he still thinks about while sitting in the park. What is she doing here? Isn’t she married?! As far I remember she got married at college time.” He added Salma with many more questions in his mind. Thus, began their conversation.

Old memories

Daniel asked Salma the entire question that was bothering his mind. After knowing all about Salma, he becomes upset. But he was happy in deep inside of his heart because he still loves her. Still, though he doesn’t know what Salma thinks about him? So he takes time to know about her feelings and continue chatting. The memory of Salma’s previous love is awakened. But she wondered how a divorced woman like her could dream of someone like Daniel! Still, she loved chatting with him. They don’t perceive how time passes while talking. Everything seems like a dream to her. As they talk, they begin to understand each other more deeply. Daniel starts to think, “Salma is my passion, my love, everything to me now. I want her by any means.” He thinks about proposing Salma.

The day they start to walk together

Today’s sky seems to have returned to its youth in full sunlight. Salma wears a beautiful dress, has mild makeup. She is going to meet Denial after a long time. She can’t express how she is feeling. When she reached the spot she got a big surprise. Everything in there was decorated with her favorite followers, balloons. All of a sudden song starts, then Denial appears. He looks more handsome than the picture. By going down to his knee with a ring in his hand he said” Dear Salma, I love you from the very first day I

saw you in college, I love you now, I will love you forever. Oh Dear! The passion of my love for you will never end. I will keep you happy at any means. Will you marry me?”

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