Types of Relationships – Everyone should know about

Firstly, a relationship is a connection or bonding between two or more people. Therefore, relationships involve effective talking and honesty. Every relationship has its drama and baggage. The type of relationship depends on personality. It focuses dynamic of association among the partners. Hence, we suggest finding the best type of relationship that suits both the partners. Then, this article will help you to choose your type of relationship.

Types of relationships that people know



It is a relationship in which two people emotionally intimate but separated by a long distance. Additionally, it tests the love among the partners.

In most of the cases, it is temporary and hard to handle. It lacks physical intimacy.

It works for emotionally attached romantic partners. A long-distance relationship requires many phone calls and visits.


A “friends with benefits relationship” is a unique combination of physical intimacy and benefits. In fact, partners are not committed to each other. They just enjoy spending time together and hooking up.

It is purely a casual and physical relationship. Moreover, it does not encompass romance and emotional involvement. Hence, it is not exclusive at all.


The open relationship allows both partners to date openly. Partners can share physical intimacy with anyone according to their sexual desires. They only share emotions for each other but they can have sex with numerous sexual partners. As a result, the couple is called romantic partners. A healthy open relationship requires the following:

  • Set of rules to be followed.
  • Boundaries to be respected.


In a casual sex relationship, both partners agree to maintain a sexual relationship. Partners are not concerned about emotions. Ultimately, the prime goal of a casual relationship is physical relations. It can either be casual or exclusive. Particularly, it depends on the sexual orientation of the couple.

Furthermore, partners do not pay importance to each other’s family and friends. At last, this relationship does not require any commitment on either end.


It is the most traditional type of relationship. It is an exclusive relation based on commitments, and even it involves marriages. All in all, a couple has only one sexual and romantic partner at a time. Therefore they consider their partners as special ones in their lives.

It is an ideal type of relationship because there are fewer hurdles and challenges in it. The best thing about this relationship is that you have someone completely devoted to you. The complete attention of the partner is always comforting in any relation. However, if you get bored with similar faces then it is not suitable for you. Cheating is a real threat to such a relationship. Similarly, it won’t work for playboys.


It provides an opportunity to have several partners. One can have sexual and romantic relationships with various partners at a time. Polygamy involves marriages. It is best for those who can treat everyone perfectly equal.

It is a complex and complicated type of relationship. And, it draws in more emotions, more needs, and wide dynamics to take into consideration. Jealousy is the main threat to it. Sincerity plays a key role in polygamy.

Following things are best to keep your relationship healthy:

  • Spending equal time.
  • Giving equal importance to all your partners.


It is an association of people through the blood and involves a connection among people through kinship.

Guidance, care, and support are among the prominent features of the family. Hence, family members feel love and closeness with each other.

It involves strong bonding that provides a lifelong source of support. A healthy family relationship plays an important role in personal well-being.


Asexual relation is a relationship without sex. In other words, It is based entirely on romance, feelings, and emotional attachment. It’s an intriguing way to be in a relationship without any sexual desires.

It suits the asexual people. Besides, it provides them a chance to have romance without having sex. It involves immense dating and activities like cuddling.

This relation-type is open to all genders. It could be among two asexual people or one asexual and one sexual. A couple decides to have sex or not.


If you’ve seen “50 Shades of Gray”, there’s no difficulty to understand this type of relationship. D & S relationship involves two primary roles i.e. dominant (a sadist) and submissive (a masochist). In this relationship, both partners have their defined roles.

The dominant partner plays the role of a master who’s obliged to protect, lead, and guides. However, the submissive partner has to please the master and serve as a fragile servant.

Interestingly, this relationship often involves a variety of toys in the bedroom. For a few, it sounds bizarre, however, it works best for people with wild nature.


To conclude, relationships last long when you understand your goals for your relationship. Moreover, Mingle2 is the best free dating site that allows millions of singles around the globe to build up their relationships.

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