How To Exude Confidence On LGBT Dating Sites: A Guide

OK, guys, dating on LGBT dating sites is hard. There’s no denying it! Making sure your profile always looks right, knowing when to make the first move, responding to your crush on time and….. exuding the confidence that will make other people gravitate towards you! Exude confidence on LGBT Dating sites is all about knowing the tricks of the trade, and then using them to your advantage. It’s not as complex as you think, but not as straightforward as you’d want! Fret not, we’re here to help you out. In this article, we give you a Guide on exuding confidence on LGBT Dating Sites.

Exude confidence on LGBT dating sites 

What Does “Exuding Confidence” Really Mean?


Being confident on LGBT Dating Sites isn’t about being showy or bragging about your achievements. It also doesn’t mean posting a selfie from every angle because you’re confident about your looks (unless you want to – then go ahead and do it!). It’s all about the #vibe your persona has. A confident person is comfortable in their sexuality, knows their boundaries and yet gives away enough information that the other person can get an idea of who they are. Moreover, it’s important that you come across as approachable. No matter how ‘confident’ you might seem – no one’s going to send you a message if they’re intimidated by you!

*Why* Do You Need To Exude Confidence After All?

Here’s the thing – LGBT Dating Sites like Mingle2 have experienced a huge surge in the last few years. More and more people are making their profiles in search of love (and many have been successful at it). What does this mean for you? It means that you are just one person in a sea of profiles, all trying to do the same thing as you. How do you distinguish yourself from all these people? By coming across as charming and confident!

Now, we’re not trying to imply that you have to ‘sell’ yourself over other people. But it’s important that your dating profile comes across as belonging to someone who is comfortable in their skin, has a unique personality, and will make for a suitable partner. Even if you *don’t* identify as a very confident person, be upfront about it! Confidence is all about owning who you are. Even if that means owning up to not being confident. Quite a contradiction, but that’s really how it is.  

So, How Exactly Do You Exude Confidence On LGBT Dating Sites?

Now that we’ve gone on and on about how it’s important to seem confident on LGBT Dating Sites, let’s actually give you some practical help. Wondering what exactly you can do to exude all that confidence? Here are a few tips:

Try Not To Take Rejection Seriously 

Rejection is the norm on dating sites. You won’t come across anyone, literally anyone who hasn’t been rejected by other people at some point. So next time you get ghosted by your Mingle crush – don’t take it personally! People who make the mistake of taking rejection seriously also end up altering their profile to appease other people. Instead of being confident and brushing off any rejection that comes their way, they tend to pander to people more and more. That’s not coming across as confident, no matter how convinced you are on it!  

The more you learn to handle rejection, the more confident you will be in your dating life, and the easier you will find to approach people who you like (even if you think they’re “out of your league!”).  

Be Mindful Of Who You Approach  

A lot of your confidence barriers on LGBT dating sites (and the insecurity that comes with it) is actually rooted in approaching people indiscriminately. Yes, it’s always tempting to aim for quantity and approach absolutely everyone you like. Nothing wrong with making the first move. But should you really be approaching people without a thought? No! Selectivity tends to give better results to people. This way, you’re approaching people with a careful consideration, and you’re aware of how in sync your personalities seem to be. Therefore, you’re likely to receive a higher ratio of responses than if you had just messaged everyone you’d set your eye on.

Don’t Be Generic  

Here’s the one thing that’ll turn off pretty much everyone on LGBT Dating Sites: generic messages! Don’t start your conversation with a message template you’ve made. Ever! People will immediately be able to tell that you’ve copy-pasted the same message to other profiles. They’ll hence be much less likely to respond to you. Instead, try to personalize your message according to the person’s profile. Have a look at their bio, make a comment about their dog, tell them their eyes are as blue as the sea……..just don’t say ‘Good Morning Sunshine’!

Be Expressive 

No one, we repeat, no one likes a profile that constantly ghosts them, or gives one-word replies to everything, or just doesn’t know how to make conversation in general. Being ‘expressive’ doesn’t mean you have to overshare, or that you have to overcome your introverted nature and speak more. However, it’s important that the other person actually thinks you *are* making an effort to communicate, and that you’re as invested in the conversation as they are.  

Bottom Line 

If you’re new to using LGBT dating sites, there are so many questions that could be going through your head: 

What’s the most appropriate thing to say in the first message?

How long do I wait before I message?

Should I message at all?

What information do I put on my profile?  

All these are valid questions to have. But don’t let them startle you so much that you start coming across as confused! LGBT Dating sites are a somewhat new sphere of dating, and it is a perfectly normal thing to be intimidated by it all. Just take one step at a time, and make sure you’re following all our tips to have a better chance at succeeding.

It’s not until you have some experience on a dating site like Mingle2, that you’ll discover all ways you can exude the utmost confidence in your dating profile. Wishing you all the best with that!

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